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When it comes to explaining the most outstanding properties of a operating system , the background is one of the most important attributes, especially when it comes to customizing its appearance. And while it sounds incredible, the VLC player, rated as one of the best video players, is capable of setting an image (even a video) as a wallpaper.

And although we are used to using classic still images as a desktop wallpaper or background, there are several ways to achieve that personalization, with our images, animated and a long list of options.

On this occasion you will learn how apply a background that directly plays a video , which, although it seems a bit strange, offers us the possibility to greatly expand the opportunities of this area of ​​the system, and which we can also do in a simple way.

With Windows Vista Ultimate

If your computer is running Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate or a newer operating system, you have the option to give your desktop an original and surprising look: put a video as wallpaper .

And how can you get it? With the utility Windows DreamScene , the static images that you have saved on your computer can be used and transformed into something much more attractive and dynamic. This utility performs animations using the GPU, so it is not noticeable in the CPU usage, but it has a high power consumption, especially if you are using a laptop.

But what if you haven't installed the Ultimate version of Vista or higher? Don't worry, because you can achieve the same effect using a very simple tool that you may already have installed on your PC.

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Use a video as wallpaper with VLC Media Player

The possibility of play a video as desktop background was one of the options included as innovation in Windows Vista, this option in Windows 7 is disabled, but you can use a well known player like VLC Media Player which is one of the most popular players. complete that it exists.

Moreover, it is free software, it has no cost and runs on GNU / Linux, MAC and Windows , and for this you can find it on almost any computer. This program gives you the ability to rip a DVD or CD, record what you're doing on the desktop, or change the format of a file, among other options.

VLC Media Player is used by a large number of people to play audio and video because recognizes almost all available formats . But it has many other functions, such as streaming , both audio and video, to put your radio or TV online.

It also allows you to record your screen, for example, to produce a tutorial on how to use certain software. And while it is true that there are other free programs for operating systems, VLC Media Player stands out for being simple and fairly stable.

But how can you set a video as wallpaper and watch him do other things without having to max out the player? Once the program is open, click on the menu " Instruments "and choose the option" Pref Renze ". Then go to option" Video "and once the window appears, choose the option" Exit "and click" DirectX " (DirectDraw).

Click on " Save "and restart the program. Then place a video and in the menu" Video "option will appear" Set as desktop wallpaper ", and you will see that the video automatically plays the video as your computer wallpaper.

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This is how your desktop looks it will be original and surprisingly, you can also continue to work with applications or documents while the video you have chosen as the background plays behind them.

Why use the option set as desktop wallpaper? Because it is more practical than Full Screen mode, since the Windows is still available in this mode. However, if you have a computer with two or more screens, you will probably be interested in the idea of ​​putting different backgrounds on two or more monitors.

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