How to put music with lyrics in my photos or videos for WhatsApp status that surpasses them

Despite its global success, we will agree that WhatsApp still has a lot to develop, one such development opportunity would, of course, be being able to upload the photos or videos that we decide with music and texts directly in our states .

While this has not yet become a reality, we have the ability to perform these procedures which we will describe here in simple steps, although to achieve this we need to use up to three different apps.

How to create statuses for WhatsApp with music and lyrics with Story Save

  1. The first thing we need to do is download Story Save from Google Play on our Android device.
  2. After installing this app we go to our Instagram (if you don't have an account, you will need to create an Instagram account). After creating your account or entering your Instagram we have to make a story, in the icon where it says "your story".
  3. We select which photos or videos previously saved on your device you will integrate into your story.
  4. After that , the music stickers are added where the most popular songs are, you can also search for the one you want and select the fragment you want. You can change the type and color of the letter.
  5. Press "Finish" and then it will be sent to " Share in your stories "after a few seconds the story will appear on our Instagram profile.
  6. Now what follows is to insert this story in our WhatsApp, for this we go to Story Save, log in and place our Instagram account.
  7. We will find our Instagram account via the name we entered, it will appear " Stories ", there we will find that story we just created.
  8. Now you just have to download this story, in the green arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen, an advertising message appears for 5 seconds, we close it and press the green arrow again.
  9. When the download is completed successfully, we go to our WhatsApp application, look for the video we just downloaded and click on " Send to my state ".
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So we are done, with these simple steps we have in our WhatsApp status the stories of our Instagram with music and texts with credit style. It is recommended to have the latest available version of WhatsApp installed or an alternative version such as transparent WhatsApp.

Now, this is not the only way we can bring Instagram Stories to our WhatsApp, there are various apps that can do it the same way, the procedure varies a bit depending on the app you choose .

How to create statuses for WhatsApp with music and texts with Instadp or Instant DP

  1. The first thing is to create the story on our Instagram, adding the song of our choice. You can use Canva to design a beautiful story on your Instagram account.
  2. Then we put the letter or text so that it is seen in the form of credits on the screen.
  3. Let's change the style of the lyrics and the song fragment that we prefer in our story.
  4. At the end of this, let's share our story the same way, remember that all your Instagram friends will be able to see all your stories .
  5. At this point we will download the app we choose between InstaDP or Instant DP.
  6. With these Whatsapp we will download our instagram story, the story will be downloaded with everything and sound, some apps tend to block the sound of the story , this would not help us, fortunately it does not.
  7. After downloading our Instagram story video with music and lyrics, the next step will be to search for the video and log into WhatsApp, then share our video in the US.

WhatsApp and its potential

Although the procedures are very similar to each other, you should know which apps we recommend here have differences in their interface which make them easier to manage for different types of users.

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We encourage you to try each one and find out which one suits you best and which one is easier to manage. It only remains to say that you share this tutorial with your friends or someone you know who needs this information for improve their WhatsApp statuses and look like an editing expert .

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