How to put or activate chat bubbles in WhatsApp Messenger Style on Android or iPhone

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Users will always be looking for new things. Innovate in every way and every moment and WhatsApp conversations should be no exception. One concern of most people is to know how to insert or activate chat bubbles in whatsapp in Messenger style on Android or iPhone. And with it you give that personal touch to your mobile device.

Sharing and sending my location via Facebook Messenger in real time and the bubbles we can see in conversations has been a boom. And many WhatsApp users seek their chats to be similar in one way or another. Fortunately, many can count about the existence of applications that perform this function and work too well.

How to put or activate chat bubbles in WhatsApp Messenger Style on Android or iPhone

Downloading and installing WhatsApp on any Android and iOS mobile or PC allows you to enjoy all the improvements or innovations it can offer, such as sending MP3 music from iPhone, iPad and iPod . And surely they must be well received by the millions of users who use their services.

The great thing for many people about Messenger chat bubbles is that they can maintain an active conversation and simultaneously perform other functions within your mobile device. And today, due to personal routine, it has become necessary to be able to perform various activities.


    Activate chat bubbles in WhatsApp in the style of Messenger on Android or iPhone with WhatsBubble

    If it is possible to activate chat bubbles in our Messenger-style WhatsApp on our Android or iPhone. WhatsApp doesn't need to be open to read or reply to chats. They don't become an obstacle. They are very practical and give a personal touch to your screen.

    The first thing you should do is enter your device and search, download the application called WhatsBubble in your Play Store.

    You shouldn't have to worry about any additional costs since it's free. After completing the installation, you simply accept the terms and conditions.

    It will be freely displayed on your screen and will have direct access to notifications; but not everything is there, enter your new WhatsBubble application and in its menu you will have the freedom to give your personal touch to your bubbles in your WhatsApp chat. That tap can rotate in size, transparency, borders, and even where you want it to appear on the screen.

    There are other options in terms of applications to enjoy this amazing tool, such as the Notification application. You must search for it, download it and install it on your mobile device, you must find it in your App Store, it is a very secure application and it works very effectively.

    Activate chat bubbles in WhatsApp Messenger style with Notification and with FlyChat

    Activate chat bubbles in WhatsApp in best Messenger style is easy , both on Android and iPhone, the applications are at your disposal. If you choose Notification, remember that you have previously installed it on your mobile device. That's the first thing you should check.

    After the installation is complete, it is necessary grant it the corresponding permissions so that he can have access to all notifications. After this you will have your own Messenger style WhatsApp chats. You will be able to see the bubble with the profile photo of the contact you are chatting with.

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    You also have the alternative of using another application called FlyChat. So you have options to choose the one that suits you best and gives that special touch to your WhatsApp chats; When the message of any conversation comes through WhatsApp, the reflected bubble should appear on the screen of your mobile device.

    The bubble that will appear on the screen of your mobile device will show you for a split second a small preview of the message you received . It is an excellent option as you determine how urgently you need to reply to the received message or if you can wait to reply later. Now all you have to do is enjoy your new role.

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