How to put or use the Disney Princess face filter on Snapchat

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SnapChat is one of the most popular social networks these days, with its innovative messaging system, where it stands out because we don't have to communicate in words with others. But it's just send an image anything or show a feeling so that the other person understands you and knows what you are talking about.

Communicating with photos, images and videos is the new fashion and somehow we're all integrating and SnapChat is attending these events. As time goes by, more and more people join these communities and join the team to express their feelings in photo and video format.

Something that the users of this application love are the filters and effects it includes, in this way we not only decorate our images with text, drawings and emojis, but we can take a selfie with a unicorn effect, a flower crown, make our face like a disney princess and more.

That's right, with these amazing effects you can make your face like a disney princess. If you've always wanted to be a princess, this is the time when your dream can come true.

    What is Snapchat's new Cartoon Face filter for?

    As the title says, the filter allows us to make our face look like a cartoon and lately it's becoming one trend on social networks . Also, it not only puts your princess face on you, but you can try it on your pets, the effect applies to everyone.

    The effect has become so popular on social networks that Instagram has released their own Cartoon Face effect, so that Instagram users can enjoy it and upload their famous videos. Just like other social networks do their own effects, We tell you that you can also make effects on Snapchat, so you can make a difference in the field of filters too, and why not, it could also become popular and is very famous all over the world.

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    Use the Disney Princess effect on SnapChat

    In this article we will explain step by step how to use the disney princess effect . But first of all you should know that to use the effect you need to have the SnapChat application installed, as this effect is original to the application. If you don't have the app, you will need to download and install Snapchat to be able to enjoy not only the princess filter, but also the many effects and filters that the application has.

    How to make a Disney face with the new SnapChat effect

    First of all, we need to open the SnapChat app and click on the "smiley face" icon which is just to the right of the snapshot button. Select "explore" found under all filters. We use the browser as there are many filters available within this App. We write in the search engine "Cartoon Face".

    Once this effect is selected, we can use it on our face or on that of our pets . We have to consider the following options that the filter carries. On the right side of the screen, some options will appear to be able to change our princess face. You can change the color of the eyes, the shape of the eyelashes and eyebrows, inserting them in the color you prefer and the one you like best.

    In the center of the screen will be the button to record video in SnapChat or take a photo with the filter of this wonderful application. Once the photo or video is taken, we will have the opportunity to edit it , adding text, emoji or drawing some things we want and more settings the application has to make it more fun and attractive.

    In the end, don't forget to share your photo or video with your friends and other contacts in the application, as this filter makes us all look very funny. You also have the option to download your video directly from the application to be able to share it on other social networks. Follow all the steps explained so you can shoot the perfect photo of the Disney princess .

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