How to put subtitles in any language on Netflix

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Uno streaming video shares information that appear on some internet platforms and this is basically what Netflix is ​​all about, with a good internet connection you can enjoy your favorite series and movies from the comfort of your home or save your downloads and watch them later . However, if the series or movie you have chosen is not available in your language, you need to know how to put subtitles in any language on Netflix, here you will learn how to do it easily.

How to put subtitles in any language on Netflix

    How to put subtitles in any language on Netflix

    The step by step it's very simple, you just have to follow it and in a short time you will have the desired subtitles in the movie or series you want.

      These changes made in this menu will apply to all reproductions of series and films that you will make from that moment.

      Now, if you are just enjoying Netflix from your mobile or tablet devices, you can access the subtitles directly, how? When you play the series or movie you will find the options to change subtitles , as they will appear visibly at the bottom of the screen. From there you can make any changes you want.

      Can Netflix recommend series and movies?

      The answer is simply yes, as when you do previous searches, the platform saves in its own the genres of Netflix series and movies you prefer and will recommend other productions of the same genre or with similar characteristics.

      What payment methods can I use to pay for my Netflix subscription?

      This wonderful platform has multiple payment methods, from the most elaborate to the simplest methods, let's see some of them:

      • PayPal account: you can enter it as a payment method since you open your Netflix account.
      • Credit and debit cards: Visa American Express and MasterCard.
      • Redeem Netflix Gift Cards - Your amount will depend on how much Netflix gives it to you .

      When should I check into Netflix?

      The billing date it's the same day you started as a user of the platform. From that date we count another 30 days. We recommend that you check your start date. How? Simply by entering the details section, which you will get on your home page, in the account section.

      Can you pay on Netflix months in advance?

      Unfortunately not, because Netflix is ​​a platform of monthly payment . It is not possible to pay more than one month in advance.

      We hope that all the information provided will be very useful to you, since you already know how to add long-awaited subtitles to your favorite movies and series. Likewise, we also provide you with useful information on how to make payments on the services of the Netflix platform, so as not to lose your subscription to it.

      Netflix is ​​a platform that is really worth it, as it is at the forefront of technology and offers you the best quality of video and sound in all its movies and series. Therefore, if you have not yet contracted the Netflix service, do not wait any longer, you will not regret it; Go and log in to Netflix and sign up now and get the most out of your account.

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