How to Quickly View or Unhide Hidden USB Files on MacOS

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If you need to see the hidden files of a USB in macOS, but you don't know how to do it, because you don't know which option, configuration or command to use, this small and practical guide will help you make it in a few simple steps .

How to Quickly View or Unhide Hidden USB Files on MacOS

Many times, operating systems hide important files or folders as a security measure thus protecting them from accidental deletion.

MacOS is no exception, each of the versions of this sophisticated system has security parameters very similar to those of Windows or Linux, in which certain files or folders are hidden.

Even external storage devices do not escape this measure which plans to hide things inside them to protect them.

There could also be an attack by a computer virus whose function is to hide our documents stored on the pen drive or USB memory.

Many of these malicious software can also attack less prone operating systems such as the Apple brand system.

From your personal Mac, you will go to the tab " Go ", then select the section " Applications ", click the option" Tools "and finally on" terminal ".

This terminal, as in other operating systems, is a console that allows us to perform actions through a series of commands, specific to each situation.

In this case, to see hidden files on a USB drive in MacOS, we need to change a default value of the operating system that does not allow us to view them.

This is done by writing the following code, as-is: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE. And as a result, we press “Enter”.

Then the team will proceed to change the value to "True" or "Valid" which will allow us to see the hidden files.

But before we can do that, we need to complete the next step. Once the console action is done, we press the "ALT" key and right-click on the "Finder" icon.

We choose the option " Force restart ". Immediately, all files and folders on our USB storage device will be displayed.

After viewing them, one way to identify which files were hidden would be the transparent shade of the icons, as opposed to those that weren't.

    How to view hidden USB files on Mac from a shortcut

    Although the previous method allows you to see hidden files on a USB in macOS , it is possible that not all users are so motivated to make configurations via the console.

    Whether they aren't comfortable making these kinds of changes, are confused following the steps, or just want a more straightforward way to do it. Well there is, you won't need to look any further.

    We offer the fastest and easiest way to make hidden files on your external storage drive visible, via a keyboard shortcut.

    Which consists of, after opening a Finder window, the keys " Command "+" Shift " +" must be pressed together . " (point).

    This joint choice of keys will bring up hidden files. Being able to distinguish them by the low intensity that both their icon and text will show, as in the previous case.

    Hide files on USB

    If what you want is to hide the hidden files or folders on your storage device again, either because the appearance of the icons annoys you visually or for another reason, it's simple, you just need to open the console again and type the following:

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE. That way, what we're going to do is change the display configuration to the previous value. If you enjoyed this article, you might also enjoy How to hide folders and view hidden files on your PC.

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