How to Read or Reply to WhatsApp Messages on Apple Watch Easily?

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While it's very unlikely that you haven't heard of it, there is a device on the market that it will allow you to have all the most important functions of your phone . And this, literally at your fingertips, or closer, on your arm. That's right, it's the Apple Watch and if you still don't know everything you can do with it, read on and find out. Also, learn how to reply to WhatsApp messages on Apple Watch.

It's the first device that can actually be used as part of clothing and with which you can, from replying to WhatsApp messages on Apple Watch to checking your schedule or the weather. Despite being the first smartwatch, has many cool features and can be paired directly with your iPhone.

      What's so special about the Apple Watch?

      Starting with the materials with which it was made, which are stainless steel for the main structure, and a sapphire crystal protection. In the main collection, there are three types of leather straps to choose from.

      Being made from steel, it's fairly spared from serious damage, meaning it's the perfect combination of durable and stylish. In addition, there are two different collections, one special for exercise and another much more elegant and therefore more expensive.

      It also has a wireless charging mechanism, responds to touch and pressure to activate the interface easily. As for how it works, it only has a scroll wheel on one side that allows for interaction, menu access, and more.

      Since they have a wireless charging mode, the Apple Watch can sometimes have charging problems and therefore they won't turn you on, but don't worry, this problem has a solution.

      The menu is similar to a solar system, as the icons are circles arranged next to each other. In truth , the interface is very easy to understand and also to read from a distance.

      All you can do with Apple Watch

      With this watch, there is no need to download applications , since those applications that you have on the iPhone will be paired directly with the Apple Watch and you will receive notifications on it. Of course, you can count on Siri and the ability to connect it to the internet.

      With this connection possibility you can keep an eye on your agenda, use the GPS, manage your music devices, record data during your training routine.

      Plus, watch the stock market, read and of course reply to WhatsApp messages with Apple Watch. You can receive calls through its microphone and finally control other Apple devices such as Apple TV . You can even record voice notes or take screenshots with this device.

      Learn how to reply to WhatsApp messages on Apple Watch

      First, to make sure you get notifications from apps on your smartwatch, check if your smartwatches are in sync. Enter the clock settings and section "Duplicate iPhone Notifications" , you see the WhatsApp switch is green.

      One of the actions that you cannot perform via WhatsApp on Apple will be to continue opening chats and seeing your contacts, it only works via notifications. This means that its main function is to reply to WhatsApp messages on the Apple Watch. The good thing is that offers three ways to do this.

      Once you receive a notification, tap it to open and respond. The first way you can use to do this is by dictating what you want to say. Press the icon "Microphone" and start recording, keep in mind that you need to be concise and dictate word for word.

      If you choose to respond in writing, a dotted section will appear on the screen that you must write letter by letter. It has a predictive dictionary to help you finish sentences.

      Finally, you can send emoticons by selecting the corresponding icon before replying, choosing a few phrases that you can put together in a kind of library . This will appear just below the options icons for the other words and is very useful if you're stuck.

      If at any time you have problems with the WhatsApp application, from your SmartWatch you have the option to force close the applications.

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