How to receive and view Android notifications on my Windows computer

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In today's article we will talk about How to receive and view Android notifications on my Windows computer? Android is an operating system used in cell phones, tablets, and some watches. This operating system is one of the most relevant on the entire planet, with approximately 2.500 million users. Its large number of users is due to several advantages it offers us, some are:

  • It has a large number of applications in its application store thanks to its open source, which gives us a wide variety of options to choose from.
  • Greater compatibility with other operating systems, speeding up its use through any other device.
  • It has a large community, which makes our known group of people similar to our operating system, as a large part of the world population uses Android as their operating system.

Another point we need to talk about also concerns Windows. Like Android, it is an operating system, but with the difference that it is implemented on computers , with more than 1000 million users. It is famous for the large number of versions it offers, the good compatibility and the very careful interface it offers us.

Having seen the definitions of these operating systems, we can deepen in this article the topic that concerns us, how see and receive Android notifications on a Windows computer . We will look at the options we have to achieve this, along with the benefits we have when we make this change to our electronic devices.

    How can I connect Windows with Android to receive notifications?

    If we spend long periods of time on our computer, being able to receive notifications from our Android device in Windows is of great help. We have several applications and programs with which we can accomplish this task , a consequence of the freedom offered by both operating systems to develop applications. Next, we'll look at some of these programs for viewing and receiving Android notifications on Windows.

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    The first program we will see today to see and receive notifications is Airdroid, which offers us to see Android notifications in Windows. Apart from this allows the transfer of files between devices . It should be noted that it can be used to view iOS notifications on Windows or view Android notifications on Mac.

    Your phone companion

    This alternative is provided directly by Windows, but is only compatible with Windows 10 . Now, what is your phone's companion? is an application that allows us to see Android notifications, using the built-in Windows application called Your Phone.

    For those who are more afraid of downloading new applications or programs, they can safely use this application that Windows offers us, ensuring safety to any user. To use with our Android we can.


    Finally, we have PushBullet which allows us to see notifications, send messages, links and transfer files between PCs and mobile phones. It can also be used by iOS users and is available for browsers to have a better interaction while browsing.

    Why should I turn on Android notifications on my Windows computer?

    We have already seen the different applications that we need to see Android notifications in Windows, but why should we turn them on? Despite being a relatively simple option, it can bring great benefits to our daily life . This is why we will look at some of the benefits of seeing Android notifications in Windows.

    • The most significant is the increased productivity we have when we use our computer , because although it is necessary to see the notifications that come to us, we can procrastinate when we use the applications on our phone. By viewing notifications from Windows we keep ourselves informed, but without the temptation to use a social network or any other application.
    • We see important messages or alerts more immediately, because when we use the computer we put the phone aside and if we use a silent sound profile, we lose messages that need to be addressed urgently. This is the reason why seeing notifications from our computer benefits us when it comes to being informed .
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    We hope you have found these applications useful for viewing Android notifications in Windows, as well as seeing some important benefits this feature offers us, which a once implemented it will change and improve our performance on both devices.

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