How to recognize and extract text from images with Google Photos

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We all know who Google is and the wonderful contributions it makes with its innovative services, among which Google Photos stands out. With which we can store a large number of videos and photos in the cloud unlimitedly and for free. But in its latest update I add OCR technology to recognize text and in the following article we will explain how to recognize and extract text from images with Google Photos .

With the implementation of this new technology, you can do what you couldn't do before and that is recognize text in images . To extract it later a very interesting function that you can now use with all the images you have saved in the cloud.

And don't worry, we'll soon show you what you need to do to recognize and extract text from images with Google Photos.

The versatility and compatibility enjoyed by this application known as Google Photos , has allowed it to be the favorite of millions of users around the world. And it's used on both Android and iPhone devices, as well as offering a wide variety of features like sharing a full album of photos and videos.

    The new update brought by Google photos , which not only allows us to recognize a text but we can also extract it in seconds. So now I move from being an image gallery to an editor, using the optical character recognition (OCR) . With this feature you will save yourself the trouble of sending images just to share the text.

    If we go to the search bar of the Google Photos application, we can write the text we want the App to search for in the image gallery. And so we have all the images in which the text or word appears at our fingertips. But we can also spot phrases in texts or books that we have uploaded as images in Google photos.

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    Remember that this step is now very easy to do, because before we had to have other tools like a desktop scanner and use other apps to get the desired results. Now with the implementation of OCR it is very easy to do it and in seconds and with Google Photos you can recognize and extract text from images.

    Here we will not use the search engine, we will go to the image gallery and here we will search among the different images that can be of Carter, book, brochure, magazine, etc. After making the choice of the image, we enter it and an option Copy text from image will appear at the bottom of the screen .

    Now the next thing we need to do is to press on this option and run the following process. It will detect the text we want the application to search for, then automatically select the text we are going to copy.

    It is important to know that this will only be done if there is a printed image, either from a book or from magazines. Since if the image is not of this type, it will be almost impossible to search and identify the text.

    Ready this and after finding the text we wanted to find and extract, we now use another app to format and copy it and this is Google Lens. At the end of this process, we will paste it into the messaging application with which we will share it with our friends or for translation or to insert it into the search engine.

    You realize how simple and easy it is to use the new Google Photos feature, which now allows us to recognize and extract text from images with one click . And so we come to the end of this tutorial which taught you one of Google's most recent innovations.

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