How to Record Hyperlapse Videos on Android or IPhone Cell Phones?

Do you want to be the first to create wonderful things, to share your creativity with the whole world? Well, welcome to Valhalla. Learn to record Hyperlapse video on Android mobile phones or iPhone, being an alternative to recording Twitter video from Android mobile.

Because for Millennials, showing and sharing is the key to creating lasting and meaningful relationships, a globalized world deserves tutorials, globalized. It is not considered the best program to record video with the Web Cam in Windows, it lends itself to its purpose.

What is hyperlasso?

Simple and simple explanation: a Hyperlapse is one photographic technique, which comes from the Time Lapse area. In this camera position, switch between shots or photos, to create a continuous motion of images.

The final effect of a Hyperlapse is like that of a fast moving video (many people prefer to record it in a moving car).

One of the main features of Hyperlapse   is the correct image stabilization. By itself it is a digital image stabilization that reduces the shake of your mobile phone's camera, with a software. To record Hyperlapse videos on Android or iPhone mobile phones more efficiently.

In more technical terms, the software takes the information from the mobile phone's gyroscope and adds it to the camera terminal. This helps in stabilization by creating better photos and videos, but at the moment this system is only available on iOS for the Instagram app.

Again in the case of Instagram (a pioneer in the use of Hyperlapse), it allows to the video to go faster, allows us to increase the speed from 2x to 12x, creating the feeling of a fast camera.


The best applications to create Hyperlapse

With the explanation of what Hyperlapse is out of the way, in part based on Instagram and its new additions, it's time to talk in a general way about how we can record Hyperlapse videos on Android cell phones or iPhones.

And what's better than naming the best applications today for both Android and iOS that allow us to explore our creativity and even record videos with a mobile phone to upload to YouTube.

Opening the debut is Framelapse available for Android and easy to use, you just have to download and install it. With one of the best ratings in the store, and this is one of the most intuitive on the market with plenty of room for customization.

With this you can do the following: select the speed of the video, determine its total duration and choose the length of the intervals between one photo and another, as well as being able to lock and control the white balance.

Secondly we have Hyperlapse, the application iOS which contains equally interesting features as the previous one in this top.

Such as: the fact that it has an image stabilizer, which is of such a good quality that it gives an almost cinematic effect, that you can choose the speed of the video as you want and that of course you can share on Instagram right away.


Two of the best in the business

With two of the best already named, it is only necessary to highlight two who have also earned their spot.

  • Time Lapse Camera would be the first, with a good user opinion and lots of downloads unsurprisingly it's here.It has the possibilities to manipulate: filters, resolution, interval between shots and most importantly, create videos from photos only as if it were Stop Motion.
  • lapse it is the second and last, the main thing allows us to record Hyperlapse videos on Android or iPhone mobiles, it is one of those that gives you more flexibility to create your videos, it has options like add music, control the white balance and the number of images per second, plus of course a count the Stop Motion.

All these options allow us many things and ultimately increase the creativity of anyone who uses them, for many more videos and photos!

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