How to record incoming calls on iPhone for free? - Free and fast

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Since the arrival of the so-called Smartphone, we can have access to unlimited features. And one of them is the ability to record phone calls, which is why we will teach you in this tutorial how to record incoming calls on iPhone for free? free and fast.

How to record incoming calls on iPhone for free? - Free and fast

Obviously we are not talking about organic chemistry, but apparently many users did not know or had the remotest idea that call recordings could be made.

Well, let me tell you it's totally true, free and via iPhone devices. And then we will give you a complete guide of the steps to follow for this purpose.

There are many articles that we have dedicated to give you feasible and practical solutions when it comes to Apple branded devices.

But to know more about the different applications that you can download for these devices, we recommend reading a tutorial that shows you which are the best widgets to download on iPhone devices. But in this we explain to you how to record incoming calls on iPhone for free? Free and fast.

Keep in mind that calls can only be recorded if there is consent from both parties. If not, we would have to look at the legality in this sense that every country could have. And if there was no consent or legality, take the possible legal consequences with you.

      How to record incoming calls on iPhone for free? - Free and fast

      For many of the users using this model of phones, the news fell like a glove. And it turns out that this feature can offer them a little more security, where if you are subjected to some kind of threat this way. You will have very clear and convincing evidence to support your allegations.

      It is also very useful if we are being offered some kind of indication and we need to write a cooking recipe, medical prescriptions. In short, there are many conversations that we can record, it also works very well if you are a journalist and want to do an interview via mobile phone. Whatever the reason, this would become a great alternative .

      record incoming calls on iPhone , we can do this in several ways and one of them is through the use of applications. However, these may generate additional charges to your account. And the idea is that we can use this feature for free. iPhone devices allow you to record a call, using voicemail.

      Best of all, you will be able to record both outgoing and incoming calls. Nor will people know you're recording them chatting, and we'll show you what to do right away.

      Record a call from iPhone voicemail

      As we have already said, you will not use any applications on your mobile or third parties. Only through the answering machine of your mobile device, to do this we will do the following. The first step will be to register your phone number in your address book so that you have it at hand.

      After you save it, wait for it to call you or you can also make the call, when they are calling you. Go to the bottom of the screen and find the option Add call with + icon right now you need to make a call to your number. This will send the call to voicemail

      Meanwhile the person who called you will be on call waiting and now you need to do the following. On the screen you need to locate the Merge Calls option, if it is in English the option will say Merge Calls. Press on this button and immediately the comunication with the other person will be restored, but will be recorded as a voice message.

      Now, to find the call recording after the call ended, you need to do the following step. You have to go to your voicemail and there you have to search for the saved message to listen to it. If you want to share this audio, you just have to activate the visual mailbox from your iPhone and that way you already know how to record incoming calls on iphone for free.

      We therefore conclude with this simple, fast and easy tutorial that shows you all the steps you must follow in order to be able record incoming calls on iPhone for free . And above all without having to spend your money.

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