How to record Mac OS screen and audio in 4K quality format

Recording what we do on our computer can have many functions, fortunately performing this process on a computer running Mac OS is simple. That's why we're going to teach you today how to record the screen and audio of a Mac OS in formato 4K Quality.

How to record Mac OS screen and audio in 4K quality format

As we said, screen recording can be useful for several circumstances, through this you can accomplish gameplay , tutorial or video guide for people who don't know how to perform certain functions on their Mac computer.

Regardless of why you want to record your screen, here we will teach you in a very simple way how to do it. You may also be interested in knowing how to record iPhone screen with iOS 13 onwards.

    Uses of screen recording

    Recording your screen, sound or voice can have many benefits if you're working in content production or even creating tutorials. Here are some of the uses of this feature:

    create walkthrough

    One of the main reasons you might want to record your screen is to do tutorials. A tutorial made directly from the internal Mac system for record the screen , will have better quality.

    Record your games

    Also, for anyone who wants to show their gameplay to others, screen recording it can be very convenient. With this option you can also export the video in the highest possible quality, even in 4K format, by recording the PC screen and use another program to simultaneously record your face.

    How to record the screen and audio of a Mac OS in 4K Quality format

      The screen recorder

      In the screen recording options found in QuickTime , you can configure the screen capture to your liking. To do this, access these options by clicking on the circular button located in the center of the program, there you will find the following options:

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      Nobody: as this option indicates, no extra functions will be enabled, which means that the screen will only be captured.

      External microphone: use this option to enable audio from the external microphone, so that you can speak while the screen is being recorded.

      Show mouse clicks: the latter function will improve the clicks you give with the mouse, this is particularly useful if you want to teach someone else via video.

      Let's continue with the process

        The above method is the best for recording and extracting a video from the screen in 4K, you will not need any additional software and the recording quality is great.

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