How to record my PC screen in Ubuntu easily and quickly

You may have tried to explain a process to someone via the internet , but they don't seem to quite understand what you mean.

No matter how simple your words, many times a visual guide will be better for you to understand and that everything is done as intended. Or if you want to record your PC screen and your face at the same time you can do that too.

How to do it? can record your PC screen in this way no detail will be overlooked. In this opportunity we will teach you how to do it in Ubuntu

      What is Ubuntu?

      Ubuntu is an open source operating system which is one of the best options when it comes to a free software system. It is available in more than 130 languages.

      Released on October 20, 2004, this is a very easy to use operating system, making it a comfortable and better experience for users than other more complicated systems.

      One of the advantages of Ubuntu is that you won't have to pay to use it , since it is a completely free system as its sponsor Canonical has decided. The financing of the system is obtained through exchanges of services related to it. This constantly makes improvements to its structure, so every six months a new version is published on the official page.

      How to Record My PC Screen in Ubuntu Quickly and Easily?

      In order to record your PC screen you will need to use a tool that will help you do it faster and easier. This tool we are talking about is called: “Simple screen recorder” is a useful program for your PC with a Linux kernel. Naturally, for this you must first download the application of this program and proceed with the installation as you would with any other.

      However, if you are a Windows user you can also record your PC screen in HD with the help of our blog tips.

      Step 1

      As a first step you need to access the terminal for this you need to use the keyboard, simultaneously pressing the keys: "CTRL + ALT + T".

      Step 2:

      Since you are in the window corresponding to the terminal, you will have to write three commands using the following order: You need to download the GitHub repository, then you will place the following in the terminal: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa :maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder" and press "Enter".

      Then proceed to write the command to run the update as follows “sudo apt-get update” and press “Enter”.

      The third command you will type is the one that will help you install the screen recorder for Ubuntu, just type: “sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder” and press “Enter”.

      Step 3:

      Since you have the program installed on your PC, you must enter back to the terminal using the same keyboard shortcut we taught you in step 1.

      In the terminal window, proceed to type the following command “sudo simplescreenrecorder” and press “Enter”. When you do that, all you need to do is enter your admin password.

      Another command you can use instead of this is "simplescreenrecorder &", as it is always good to have alternatives to help the execution.

      Step 4

      With this, the screen recording program will open, there you can change the recording settings as best suits you and what you expect from it.

      Step 5

      From the main screen you will have the option that will help you select the destination of the screen recording you will make. You will also be able to choose what type of format you expect the screen recording to be in, it is usually MKV format, but can be changed to MP4. Normally the video codec appears as "M264", but you can change it to MP3.

      Step 6

      When indicating all the adjustments in the values, it will only be necessary to save the model and press "Keep on" . The screen will open to help you record your PC screen.

      For this, just click on "Start" or very well configure a keyboard shortcut that allows you to start this function. One of the advantages of this program is that it gives you access to a preview of the recording you are about to make.

      Step 7:

      After registration is complete, you need to click on the option " Save recording ", this will make the previous settings, such as the format in which the recording is saved or the destination folder.

      We hope these tips have been helpful for you to record your PC screen successfully.

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