How to record the PC screen and face at the same time

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Now in this globalized world, you can do it all, you just need an application or program, an internet connection and the steps you need to follow. Here's why learn  to record your PC screen and your face at the same time, it won't be very difficult for you to do it and on the contrary, you may become an expert in making these videos.

While you may not believe it, doing this is very simple to do and it won't take you long to put it into practice and be able to make these videos. You will just need a program and follow the steps that we will explain to you in a very methodical way, so that you can learn to record your PC screen and your face at the same time.

How to record the PC screen and face at the same time

This recording technique that we will show you is very useful for those who wish to venture into the world of video tutorial creations. To   record the PC screen and face at the same time, you will need to use a program. And with it, you can showcase your knowledge on platforms like YouTube.

The first thing to do to record the PC screen and face at the same time is to download the program. For this we will leave you the link of the page and you can download it on your personal computer. This program is called OBS Studio and is used to easily take screenshots on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

This program is free, when you enter the page you have to select the operating system of your computer, in doing so the download will start automatically and you will just have to wait for it to finish. It is important to know that the program is very light, less than 100MB. And you won't have to do any additional configuration either.

After downloading and installing it on your computer, now you just have to open it and then it will take you to the program interface so you can simultaneously record your PC screen and your face. Now you need to go to the lower right corner and select the Settings option, when you create a clip, a window will pop up there.

Settings to record your PC screen and your face

In this window, we will select the Output option from the menu on the left. This is how we can indicate where on our computer we want to save the recordings. Now in the menu on the right we search Registration - Registration path and then we make clips to review.

Now you just have to select the folder where you want to save your recordings. Then go to the next option which says Recording quality, there you have to select High quality. Then go to the format and choose MP4, then go to the bottom of the window and you will create a clip on the OK button.

Now you have to select your webcam, for this you have to go to the end of the sources and you can see a plus sign. Make a clip and a small window appears with options and you will select the video capture device. When you make a clip, another window appears and click OK in it. Immediately the image will be displayed on the screen and click OK again.

Finally go to the plus sign, create a clip and select the option Screenshot, then make a clip to accept and in the next window click again to accept. Finally, select the Video Capture Device option again and then next to the plus sign there is an arrow icon pointing up and make a clip there. Remember to improve the quality of your video in case it appears blurry and you can also put a watermark on it to make it much more personalized.

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