How to record the radio on my Android mobile? - Quick and easy

Many do not have to know that one of the means of mass communication that people had to entertain themselves was the radio. Through this device they not only listened to music or news, but also listened to stories, tales and famous ones radio soap operas.

But times have changed and now we can listen to good radio music on our mobile. So now we will explain how to record radio on my android cellphone? Quick and easy.

If we already know that the most modern smartphone models are ceasing to carry this application natively. And then it was necessary to resort to virtual stores, in the case of Android at the Play Store, to download any of the available apps. And so this way we can have the radio on our mobile device, but can we record the radio?

But unfortunately, these applications that you can find through the virtual store, do not offer us this function of recording the radio and then listening to the music you have recorded. So what can we do? Well don't worry, we'll use a page called F-Droid and download the application for free radio for your Android.

    How to record the radio on my Android mobile?

    Since we will be using an application that does not come from the Play Store, we must first activate them from unknown sources. This from your mobile and this way you can install APK files from another virtual store. Once you have performed this simple procedure you can enter the F-Droid page and download RadioDroid.

    After the download and installation process, you have to open the application and you can see that its interface is very easy to understand, where you can see various options or functions. Although you have to search very well as some are partially hidden. In the upper corner you can choose the time you want the radio to turn off , you have to choose between 1 minute and 2 hours.

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    You can also make various settings for the application in the Settings section, you can see different options for the theme and style of the icons. There are many functions that you can have at your fingertips with this radio player. But let's go back to the function that concerns us in this tutorial, that is how to record radio on my android mobile.

    Using the app to record the radio on my android mobile

    To get started, you must first choose a radio station where they are playing a song that you really like and want to record it on your mobile. You can do this via i buttons that the application has for it. One thing you should know is that the music being streamed from this radio is streaming, so the audio quality is generally very good.

    If you have already found the station of your preference, you will find a bar located in the lower area of ​​the application, above the menu. There you will see the station name, as well as the kbps. You will also find the multimedia controls, now what we will do is click on the station, this action will generate two new options.

    One of these options will be a red button, with which the station registration will be made, press it, it will ask for permissions to store and then the recording will start. Now the record button will change to a stop button, so if you want to stop recording at any time you have to press this button.

    Then the recording will stop and the audio file will be saved, to have access to this recording you have to look next to the red button for the List button. In this list you can find the recording you want and play it later with your existing player. So in this simple way you can record the radio on my android cellphone .

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    With this way of recording music via radio you can create many music mixes and share them with your friends, you will have a lot of fun with this application. And so we conclude this tutorial that showed you in a simple and quick way how to record radio on my android mobile.

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