How to recover Applock password step by step if I forgot it

Recover the Applock password it is something that many have had to do, and it is that we may forget what password we entered into an application with Applock, especially if we use it to lock different applications, with unique and separate passwords.

In this tutorial we will explain a very easy way to recover Applock password, step by step we will tell you how to solve this problem of forgetting the password. And the good thing is, you can do it as long as you forget about it without any problem, so read on.

    Setting the Applock password on a smart device, which can be a tablet or a phone, is one of the ways to lock apps on Android devices.

    It is a software that is downloaded for free from the Play Store and yes reveals very effective in protecting privacy of the different applications you own. That is, it is like the security system of your device, but with the difference of being through an application.

    AppLock relies on entering a password for any app, or pattern, which acts as a lock to access the app. Since these are passwords and patterns, setting them to only one person can give you a chance to forget it at some point.

    And is that in general many people tend to enter different passwords and patterns for each application, which the risk of forgetting them increases.

    To recover the password in Applock you can do a password reset . For this, you have to enter the AppLock application and look for the three dots option which are located at the top of the screen. Next, click on Forget Password and this brings you to the option to create a new one.

    To create the new password all you need is a security email previously registered. Plus a security question. After creating the new password, the changes are saved and then the Applock password recovery problem is solved.

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    Why is it important to protect my privacy using apps like App Lock?

    Security applications are very important systems that you need to have on your device. With these types of apps you can not only lock the phone as such, but can also have a safety extra in applications.

    This safety device is important because you can lend your phone and you will have the certainty that everything will not be searched . This way, another person can have your phone to make a call, for example, but they won't be able to see your WhatsApp conversations or your email. On the other hand, if you lose your phone, it will be more difficult for the person who can handle it easily.

    How to unlock App Lock without knowing the password

    The method to unlock this app and recover the Applock password is to force the app shutdown. For this, you have to open the settings application and go to the part where the applications are located.

    Once in, you need to find the location where the AppLock security application is located and log into it. Next, you have to go down until you find the button of forced arrest and press it. This causes the application to stop working and the applications to be released automatically. As a result, you will be able to access applications without the need to enter a password.

    How to uninstall App Lock to know the password

    There are two ways to uninstall the application you can follow. The first and simplest is to find where the application is in the menu or on the desktop. When you found it, click on it long enough for the options to appear.

    At the top of the screen you will see the information options of the application or the garbage can with the word uninstall. Therefore, you need to drag the application to the basket and the system asks if you are sure of uninstall the application. When this window appears, you need to confirm the process and your applications will be free and without a password.

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    On the other hand, you can go the long way and go through the process from the settings. For that, you have to open this application and go to where all applications are. There, you need to navigate to where the AppLock application is and open its settings.

    So, when you get in there, you look for the uninstall button and you need to click on it. Similarly, the window will appear asking for confirmation that you are sure you want uninstall the application. Therefore, the applications will be free and password-free to use.

    In Android phones, this brand of phones has created a system to avoid removing passwords using the above methods. This is Android's safe mode, with this option none of the lock apps work. To access it you need to turn off the phone and then when you turn it on you need to press and hold the power key. Then the safe mode option will appear.

    Alternatives to block applications on my mobile

    Today, there are a large number of applications designed to block applications just like AppLock. One of them is that it comes from the same source it is Norton App Lock which provides pin and password security, as well as an anti-theft module that takes pictures of people trying to unlock the phone.

    Another very similar application is called applocker , works with password, pin and fingerprint. One option it offers is to customize your lock screen with wallpapers or images. Likewise, this application takes pictures of those people who think they can easily unlock your phone.

    In addition to Applock and its extensions like IObit Applock to unlock applications or mobile with face, we have an additional application to strengthen our personal security.

    This is one of the most used by Android users that don't have a built-in locking system, or even those that do, but prefer a more efficient one.

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    We are talking about hexlock , an application that you can find for free in the Google Play Store, and it does not mean a large space for your mobile phone, even for those with underperforming smartphones.

    To protect the content of any of your Android applications, opt for this tool which has a simple interface and excellent application management.

    E you can find many other applications of this type , but the important thing of all is that it works for you, you like the model, and you can block or protect the information that matters most to you all over your phone.

    While you can download them from the Play Store, you will also find a way to use these applications on a tablet, while protecting privacy as much as possible.

    Why protect privacy with these apps?

    As already mentioned, Applock's main target, Hexlock and of the many applications of this type that you can find in the Play Store, is simply to protect the privacy of Android users.

    But some may wonder what the purpose or difference is between the default security system and this type of software. And that's a pretty good question if you're choosing between one and the other and want to know which one is safest for you.

    The privacy of your mobile can be achieved with the system itself, there are current mobiles that they have the function of protecting both the phone in general , be each of the applications if that is what the user wants.

    But there are smart devices that don't have their default systems for this purpose, and that's where they have to grasp this kind of applications , being able to establish a password or pattern for any place they want to protect from an information usurper, and feel safer if someone tries to take your smartphone.

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