How to recover deleted games and data on my PS4? - Fast and easy

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Consoles today have more features than just playing games. That's why for both experienced and novice gamers the importance of saving a game. But what if they are canceled?That's why today's appointment for learn how to recover deleted games and data on my PS4.

Because there's nothing more terrifying than seeing the game you've spent so many hours on disappearing without explanation.

0 that the game you've been waiting for so long is no longer in Play. For those who have suffered this cruel fate, here is the quick and easy solution.

      Recover deleted games and data on my PS4

      The main thing you should know is that game and data recovery are different things and are not done in the same way. Retrieving the games is very simple once you have already purchased them from PStore, the game is completely yours.

      Even so, there will always be the alternative of connecting a generic controller to the PC to play, for example, Fortnite and not suffer from deleted information.

      If the file is damaged or deleted, you just need to go back to the Pstore and download it again (there is no additional cost to recover it).

      You can do this by going to the game section in the shop or in the option " library " which also appears in the PStore and that's where all the objects you own (games, DLCs, among others) are stored.

      Recover deleted data

      Keep in mind the bandwidth capacity in terms of internet megabytes, as a slow connection speed will hamper the process.

      In case you also lost your saved game data, the process is a bit longer, but just as simple. So recovering deleted games and data on my PS4 shouldn't even take ten minutes. The first thing you should know is that you need to make a copy in the cloud and then upload it.

      They can be recovered through an external hard drive or with certain programs, but this is not very good or common.

      They are not PS4 native programs and you need to know your PS4 console internal and external hard drive. It's best to trust the cloud.

      Understanding how clouds work in computing, you can copy it by going to the section " Settings ", then on "Application Saved Data Management" and then on "Saved data in system storage", here you can view your saved games.

      So you have to choose in the same section "Upload to online storage", once done, choose the game you will load by clicking on the saved data box and finally press the options " Select all " is " Charge " in that order. A confirmation message will appear saying "Do you want to overwrite this saved data?" , put yes and that's it, your games will be uploaded to the cloud.

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