How to recover files from formatted and damaged MicroSD card without software

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When a memory card fails, the most important thing to recover are the files or documents that are stored on it and the most frequently asked question is how to do it. For this reason, this time you will learn how to recover files from a damaged formatted microSD card without programs.

MicroSD cards have long been a staple. In them, you can store a large amount of information and carry it comfortably due to its small size. They also work for extend smartphone memory , tablets or digital cameras.

How to recover files from formatted and damaged MicroSD card without software

To the relief of a large number of users of these tools; There are a few methods that can be applied to recover files from a damaged microSD card. On the other hand, in order to be able to run i required steps, you must have a desktop computer or laptop.

Next, we will introduce a method used to repair files, images, videos or any other documents stored in these memories.

      Recover files from damaged microSD with CMD console

      By applying the following method you can repair and recover important files stored on a microSD:

        This is a fairly quick method that can be used to recover files from a damaged microSD card. If there are no other problems, you can access memory and to the documents contained therein .

        Recover files from a formatted MicroSD memory

        Commonly, the storage drive is formatted by mistake and you want to recover the deleted information. In any case, it is never too much to back up your programs or documents. Fortunately, there is also a method to recover files from a formatted microSD card .

        Next, connect the formatted drive to your computer or laptop and then press Windows key + R.

        Once the search window appears, type "CMD" without quotes . This will launch the OS console.

          Once the above happens, it indicates that the process is finished and that's when you need to close the Windows console. It then verifies that the deleted files have been recovered. Although if the error is presented by the phone when it does not recognize the SD card and that is why you think it is damaged, you should know that this is another type of problem, so it has another solution .

          On the other hand, if none of these methods work, it means that the unit is beyond repair and it is better to buy a new one which is on sale in department stores.

          A good recommendation in the face of this kind of inconvenience is to always make a backup copy of any important files or documents. This way you can avoid having to recover files from a damaged microSD card or losing vital information; as these storage drives fail at any time.

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