How to recover my banned or banned account from Call of Duty Mobile - Full tutorial

Currently online multiplayer games for mobile devices have become very popular, the launch of various games with battle royale mode has made a large number of users prefer to download and play from their smart device.

Great games like Free fire, Pubg and even Call Of Duty Mobile , the latter has become a lot popular and widely played by most of the players who use Android or iOS devices thanks to its striking appearance, its convenient button interface and its high quality and graphics that can be changed during the game so that it is more similar to its console versions.

Call Of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games today, and since its launch it has managed to achieve more than 145 millions of downloads on the platform and on the store official of Google Play Store.

Like other online games to start playing Call Of Duty Mobile you will need to log into an Activision account, or if you don't have one you will need to create one to access the game,

However, having said that, there are several users who have managed to experience problems with the account while playing Call Of Duty Mobile, as they have come to the point of get banned or banned from accounts a due to improper vocabulary or game rules violation or even a prohibition it can rarely occur without justification.

    Several ways to regain access to your locked account

    Retrieve your account by contacting COD Mobile support

    What does it mean that your account has been banned from the server?

    Having your Call Of Duty Mobile account banned you will not be able to access the game using that account as it is blocked and depending on the crime that was committed said ban can be temporary or permanent, this has been one of the main reasons people decide to create a new account and delete their previous account in way from lose progress and teams have won in their previous account.

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    Permanent bans are normally more likely to occur if a user goes to cheat, hack or cheat during an online game, this offense is considered unforgivable by the Activision company because it is totally unfair to other players.

    So we advise you to play honestly without using any cheats or tricks when launching a Call Of Duty Mobile game.

    There are several methods to recover a banned or banned account in case it is permanently, keep reading this article because we will teach you later how to recover a banned account in Call Of Duty Mobile from your device.

    What happens when your account is banned from Call of Duty mobile?

    For what reasons do you usually exclude accounts from the game?

    There are several users who, to avoid losing all progress due to a banned or banned account, prefer to play by registering two or more accounts in case one gets banned, in the same way if you want recover your Call Of Duty account that has been banned or excluded. Below we will show you a series of steps to recover said account:

    • The first thing you should do is access the help support of Activision's official website from your smartphone or the default browser on your PC where you can get your account and contact information Activision .
    • Then in the box where it says game you will have to select the Call Of Duty Mobile game to start filling out the form that will be sent to the Activision contact
    • You will need to fill in each box with the respective data, then select the operating system for which you use the Call Of Duty Mobile application, Android or iOS
    • After completing these boxes, you will need to make a brief description of what happened in the game, this step is very important, as you will also need to specifically argue what happened before your account was banned and appeal for a reconsideration of the same account
    • After finishing the message, click the Accept button to send the description to Activision support,
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    How long does it take to respond to Call of Duty tickets?

    You need to wait 2 to 5 days to get a response from company workers. In case of no reply, resubmit a new form until a response can be received.

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