How to recover my Facebook password without changing it, without email, with my mobile phone

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The use of social networks is increasingly necessary, in order to be able to know what is happening around us at all times. Especially in these times when it is no longer allowed to go out as we did before and meet up with friends.

This is obviously because of what we already know about the coronavirus. For this reason, Facebook has established itself as the best option to stay up to date. But there may be some problems with our account and in this sense we will know how to recover facebook password without changing it, without email, with mobile phone.

How to recover my Facebook password without changing it, without email, with my mobile phone

This can be a real headache, wanting to get into our Facebook profile and there are ways to do it, but we have this problem. Of course there are some options that allow you to recover your password, without your email being needed. Since it is possible that we have changed the email with which we created the account.

Even if it may seem to you that this situation is complicated to carry out, we can tell you that it is not at all. And in this article we will show it to you, with an effective hack that you will only get by this means. And we will teach you through simple steps what you need to do to recover your Facebook password without changing it and via mobile.


    Steps to recover Facebook password

    There could be several reasons why you want recover the password for your Facebook account , due to forgetfulness or your browser's password manager reminding you. But you didn't remember this detail when you deleted this information. But calm down, here we are to fix this and we will tell you what you should do next.

    When you try to access your account, even if it has been hacked, it is possible to recover the password and for this we will only do the following.

    First of all, you need to access the Facebook main page from your mobile phone, where you are asked to enter your username and password. But in your case you have to press the option that appears in blue Forgot your account data?

    This action will take you to a new window where you will be offered some options to be able to run the process recovery of your access code . The system will ask you to enter your email to recover your password. But in our case we will not take this option and will enter our mobile number instead.

    Don't expect to receive a text message, as Facebook will use this information to identify you as the owner of the account. Now you will receive a security code that will arrive directly in your e-mail box. And to complete the process of recovering your key, you just need to enter the code that was sent to you.

    How to enter the security code sent by Facebook

    You may also receive a link in your email that you need to access so that you can complete the recovery process of yours Facebook account access code . You obviously don't want to change your key or password. But the platform will suggest that this action is the most recommended for your account security.

    So that in this way you change your current password to a new one, where you need to take into account the recommendations for creating a secure password. And you can also use the method to see your password when Facebook is open when you don't remember your password.

    It is always important to keep your access codes in a safe place and that way you don't have to face these inconveniences. But luckily you came to the right place where you could learn to recover your Facebook password, without email and from your mobile phone.

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