How to recover my Google Play gift card code?

Gift cards, one of the best inventions that can be done in recent times, why? Simple, give those who give you the opportunity to choose what they want. But what happens if I lose my card code? Today you will learn if it is possible or not to recover the code of my Google Play gift card. You must first authenticate the Google Play account once after logging into the Play Store with a Google account, if applicable.

How to recover my Google Play gift card code

Since there is no better gift than giving to yourself, gift cards have given that opportunity, if you have a family member or friend who is a bit fussy about getting you. gifts, your best option is to give them a card and have them buy it for themselves (so avoid being returned or ever used).

    What is a gift card and how is it used?

    Before I know if you can retrieve the code of mine wrapping paper Google Play, you need to know what they talk about with base and ownership. Its concept is very simple, in practice it is like a preloaded debit card that allows its user to purchase goods and services from the site specified by the card.

    However, don't get confused, there are several types of these gift cards, as they are designed to completely suit their user's needs. For example, there are some like those of the Google Play Store , who come with a sum of money and can no longer be used by using their code. Also, there are those that can be reloaded several times.

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    There are some that are limited to just one store, such as those from Google, or those that can be used in multiple product distributors.

    For the latter reason, they are classified into two types, the Open Ring and the Closed Ring. The first are those issued by banks and can be used in many years, the latter are intended for a specific site such as a restaurant.


    If necessary, the free update from Google Play to the latest version is advantageous in order not to present further inconveniences due to the old editions.

    In the case that concerns today (ie the Google Play Store cards), its operation is more than simple, first open the Google Play Store, press the " Menu "And then go to the" Redeem ". Enter the code in the indicated area and press the " Redeem "to complete the transaction, the card value will be added to your balance in your account and will be reflected.

    Retrieve my Google Play gift card code

    Well now yes, to answer the main question the answer is no, it is not possible retrieve the code of my Google Play gift card.

    If your heart is broken it's understandable, but it's the truth. Google within its user policies (which are accepted as soon as you start using the Google Play Store), transfers all responsibility for the card to the person who buys it at the time of obtaining it.

    That is to say they are not responsible for the destruction or theft of said card, as the responsibility clearly becomes of the user. For this reason, there is no way to retrieve a code, as they are individual and it is up to each to use and care for their gift card.

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    The Google company gives refunds, but in very specific cases such as: if a friend accidentally makes a purchase on your account, if you find a purchase that you have not made and if uninstall a paid application shortly after purchasing it.

    Refunds must be made within 48 hours of purchase, usually takes about 15 minutes to reply, but there are 4 business days for this transaction.

    However, the problem again is with gift cards, since they just can't seem to retrieve the code of my Google Play gift card. Otherwise, the cards and prepaid balance are non-refundable unless required by law. And for example, if you are from the United States, the refund can be made if the amount is less than $ 10, which equates to nothing.

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