How to recover my hacked Facebook account, without password or with my phone number

Facebook is the most popular social network and there are currently more than 2,4 billion active accounts. Their use is massive and they strive to maintain the privacy of their users. However, anyone can be attacked by a hacker and lose access to their account . In such cases, Facebook has several ways to recover compromised accounts without knowing the password.

Sometimes human error can be a factor in the theft of a user account. There are passwords that are not strong enough and are easy targets for cyber attacks.

How to recover my hacked Facebook account, without password or with my phone number

    How to recover my hacked Facebook account?

    Fortunately, there is more than one way to recover a Facebook account that has been hacked. The method will depend on the level of security you have and how many changes the hacker made immediately after stealing the account.

    Retrieve my account with email

    It is the simplest method and it is the first that you need to apply to recover the account. If you remember your email address, go to the reset page and enter email . Press the Search button.

    If your email is still associated with your Facebook account, it will allow you to send the code by e-mail . Once you have made your code request, they will send you a 6-digit code to the email.

    Check your email and copy the six digits Facebook sent you. Place them on the page and click the Continue button. Now you have to assign a new password to your account and you will be able to log back into your account.

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    Retrieve my account with my phone number

    Facebook's insistence on associating your phone number with your account makes sense when you find yourself in this situation. If you don't remember your email or if the hacker took the trouble to change the email on the account, the phone number could be your salvation.

    Go to the Facebook login page and select the option Forgot your account information?

    Enter the phone number you connected to your Facebook account. After entering the number and verifying that it is still associated with your account, you will receive a text message with a code.

    Enter the code you received in the message on the page and then enter a new password and you will be able to log back into your Facebook account.

    They changed my email and phone number

    If you've already tried the first two options and both your phone number and email are no longer associated with your account, it is likely that the hacker changed them. At this point you should be thinking that there isn't much to do, but it will depend on the security settings of your account .

    Trusted contacts

    Facebook has a relatively new security setting where you can set up more trusted friends that Facebook will contact to regain access to your account. You can configure this option in the section Security and access .

    Go to and enter your username or full name. Press the search button and select the link You no longer have access?

    Enter an email address where you can receive information. Select Continue and choose the option Reveal my trusted contacts .

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    You must fill out a form with the data of your trusted contacts, which you have previously assigned. When done, you have to copy a special link and send it to your trusted contacts so that they can send you an access code. With the codes, you will be able to successfully recover your account.

    Contact support

    When you have exhausted all options, there is no alternative but to contact support directly [Email protected] and tell them you can't log into your account.

    Most likely, they will contact you and they will ask for some kind of identification to verify that it's really you. If at any time you suspect your account is at risk, Facebook has a special section for this type of situation.

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