How to recover my suspended Free Fire account? - Step by step guide

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Garena Free Fire is one of the games Battle royal with the largest number of subscribers worldwide, if you have been banned by mistake or through your own fault, you need to know what to do with your suspended Free Fire account.

Most of the account suspensions he does are based on cheats or code changes that a player could do, but this can happen by accident.

If your account is not suspended but you are having problems while playing, such as an unexpected application closing while playing, your mobile device may be having problems running the application.

How to Recover My Suspended Free Fire Account - Step by Step Guide

      What options are there for recovering your suspended Free Fire account?

      In its latest communications regarding the account suspension, Garena Free Fire communicated that the suspensions will be total i.e. the account and the device.

      But they have also provided options for those users who have been banned by mistake. This can happen because someone reported you or a hacker decided to steal your account .

      Ban for hacks

      If in your case your account and your device have been banned, it is fairly certain that you have used a hack, app or code that modified Free Fire.

      This fault will be treated as using cheats that threaten the proper development of the game, for which your device and account will be suspended.

      The only solution you will have will be change your phone. This is because Free Fire takes your device's IMEI and stores it as a means of banning .

      Once you install the app on a new device, you'll have the option to log back into your account, if not, you'll need to follow the steps to unblock a suspended Free Fire account.

      ban by mistake

      It is important to know that most of the Free Fire bans are irreversible , unless they are a mistake.

      To request the suspension to be lifted, you must contact the Garena Free Fire team directly. For that, you have to go to their Facebook page.

      You must send a message explaining why it was a mistake to ban your account. You will have to be as explicit as possible , be courteous and write with a good attitude.

      Once the message has been sent you will need to wait for a response from the team Free Fire , if they approve your request, you will be able to recover your account. Otherwise, you must accept that your account will be blocked forever.

      Fire Account Suspension Policy

      If you find yourself needing to create a new account, you'd better deal with Free Fire policies and thus avoid being left with a suspended Free Fire account again.

      To betray

      Garena has established a list of failures that can lead to a total ban of an account or device. This list is led by third party software .

      External hacks, scripts or codes, these modifications that are made external to the Free Fire code and which give the player certain advantages, are demonized by Garena.

      These can lead to the ban dell'account and the device on which the game is played, the IMEI will remain in Garena's systems forever; thus prohibiting the game from being played on this device.

      player reports

      In Free Fire there is a possibility of getting banned due to complaints from other players. In in this case the infraction would be due to the username used or the behavior adopted during the match.

      You should know that any player can report you, then be respectful and play fair. g arena will analyze the number of reports and the veracity of these.


      It is important to note that this is the only type of ban that can be immediately revoked. This because the user will be able to cancel the debt and continue the game normally.

      If you have already managed to solve your problem, have fun trying to play Free Fire from your Smart TV using your mobile device and for even more fun, search and discover the best tricks and secrets of the game or the special codes to create yourself the best player

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