How to recover or reactivate a deactivated or disabled Fortnite account

Today we show you how to recover or reactivate a deactivated or disabled Fortnite account , in case you regret that decision. Please note that this tutorial is intended if you have deactivated or someone has deactivated your account. Even so, we can also guide you to recover a stolen Fortnite account.

You can only reactivate your Fortnite account before 14 days have passed

The only way to recover a deleted Fortnite account is to do it within 14 days of deactivation . After this period it is impossible to recover an account, for this reason, if someone has deleted your account or you have done it accidentally, please take this into consideration.

The Epic Games platform informs this very clearly when entering the account cancellation options. This period exists precisely in the case of repentance. In any case, do not confuse this with bans, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you learn how to know if your Fortnite account has been banned.

Returning to the topic, as long as you proceed with the account recovery procedure (which, as you will see below, is very simple) there will be no problems and you will be able to retrieve all this information . That said, our first advice is to hurry up, otherwise you could lose all your account data.

Reactivate a deactivated Fortnite account

The process to recover a deactivated Fortnite account couldn't be simpler. Indeed, it is enough to carry out Log in again by logging in . In fact, only by logging in will you recover the previously deactivated account.

In any case, as we pointed out earlier, it is very important you log in within 14 giorni from the cancellation of the account. If you do not do this during this period, you will not be able to enter the account that was deleted and will therefore be permanently deleted.

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Remember, simply enter the Epic Games launcher using your account information and you can retrieve it without major inconvenience. After doing the above, we recommend that you authenticate your Fortnite account if you want to improve its security.

Delete your Fortnite account

If instead what you want is delete your Fortnite account , i.e. the Epic Games account, please read carefully. The steps to go through this process are very simple, but before you begin, remember everything we have shown you before.

Mainly, you need to be very aware that this process is irreversible and that if you don't log in before 14 days, you will lose your account permanently . If you want to continue with the process after this, it's done as follows.

  • The first thing is to enter the official Fortnite site, here you just need to provide your account information to log in.
  • Once logged in, you will be directed to account setup options, if not, simply go to your EpicGames / personal account.
  • All options related to your Epic Games account will be displayed. On the left side of the screen you should notice that you are in " General ".
  • Once you are in the general options, go to the bottom, where you will see the option " Delete account ". You just have to click on the button." Request to delete the account ".
  • A small notice will appear asking you to enter a verification code. This code will come to your registered email or mobile phone. Just enter that code and select " Confirm the request for deletion ".

After going through the above process, your account will be disabled. In turn, a warning will be displayed for confirm the cancellation of the account . Upon completion, the account session will be closed.

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It should be noted that the deletion process may take some time, in any case, focus on what we indicate and if you want to recover the account, do not take more than 14 days to do so. In turn, you can always resort to creating a new Fortnite account.

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