How to recover the DAZN password on your PC or Smart TV

If you are a sports fan and your thought is to have fun, then the DAZN streaming platform is the best option, we can see it on SmartTV of various brands.

Being the first service of its kind which is dedicated only and exclusively for sports content , therefore being an unlimited service for all fans, its launch was in Spain and therefore managed to reach many countries in the world.

Having the widest range of sports and the best thing is that we can enjoy its services on any device connected to the internet, such as tablets, mobile phones, computers, it offers the connection of up to five people in the same account , but different profiles, very similar to the Netflix platform.

Although its release has been recent since its inception, users of the network have shown great interest in this new platform, as there are applications for streaming live video .

What sports can I watch on the DAZN platform?

Undoubtedly when we talk about DAZN it is synonymous with sport, this sports platform offers us various contents, which are followed or seen by millions of fans all over the world, on the one hand it offers us the '' Premier League '', which is such Once one of the most viewed by users, in the same way we can enjoy the '' Liverpool '', and therefore do something different with our time.

It also offers us basketball leagues, such as the '' Euroleague '' which is of utmost importance for the followers of this genuine and interesting sport, it is important to remember that we can enjoy this platform via mobile phones with an iOS system, and it is great news.

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The growth of this sports streaming platform has been steadily increasing, and that's what the preferred option by athletes , so much so that it has received thousands of positive reviews from users from different countries, who acclaim it and ask for more and more content, all a power called a tool.

What to do if I have forgotten the password of my DAZN account?

This is a frequent question that arises among subscribers to the platform, since it has happened to all of us at some point in our life as a forget the password of some website , or the most used social networks, or streaming platforms, which is the case.

On the part of DAZN, there are several ways to be able to recover the password of our respective account quickly and easily.

Below we will tell you more about these interesting and useful options on which we can count on in the event that we are unable to access our DAZN account. Stay with us and find out all the details related to these effective steps.

Check your login details.

One of the main problems in this type of aspect it is present when accessing any type of platform. This usually happens at the time of registration.

It may be that for one reason or another we don't look at the moment to write our username, email or password when we log in and end up making a classic mistake, copying some wrong data. Before we despair and think there is a problem with the page, let's check your login details to rule out at least one possible reason.

Retrieve email address

Another very common reason we can't log into DAZN is because we forget our email. But do not worry, there is a solution to this problem . First of all we must take into consideration that we will need to have data such as name, surname, payment method, last 4 digits of your payment method, coupon code number (if this is your case) and the date of creation of the account.

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If once all this information has been recorded, the problem persists, we recommend that you contact DAZN customer service to resolve this situation and you can log into your account again without any problems.

Reset password

This is undoubtedly one of the main options that we have in case we forget our DAZN password. Upon accessing our account, under the boxes, we will be able to see a text that will say "I forgot my password". Our first step will be to press this text.

From here, we will be presented with a new portal in which we will have to enter our respective e-mail so that in this way a password recovery message can be sent. This will arrive in our inbox in seconds once this function is done.

In this email sent by technical support of DAZN we will have the possibility to change our password. To achieve this, we will have to click on the text previously mentioned so that later we are automatically redirected to a new DAZN page, where we will have to indicate our new password to finally save it.

Once this is done, we can access our account without any problem or inconvenience.

Reset device

This is one of the least likely options, but it is not for this reason to be ruled out. A malfunction in our terminal it can cause all kinds of failures which can damage the proper functioning of the mobile device. Therefore, one of the reasons why we cannot log into our DAZN account is a cell phone error.

For this it is advisable restart our mobile device , once done we shouldn't have any problems and we will be able to access without problems.

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How to troubleshoot accessing my account on DAZN

If you have trouble trying to log into your DAZN account, you can follow the options explained above , with them you can discover different ways to solve this annoying problem. Once this is done, you will be able to enjoy all the entertainment services offered by this incredible platform.

Where to change my DAZN password from PC or Smart TV

On both PC and Smart TV, if you want to change the password of your DAZN account you will have to perform the same procedure . You will need to press the text "I forgot my password" which appears below the access record. We will confirm our email and then receive an email from DAZN support where we can change our password by logging into a new portal.

Some negatives of DAZN

As we know each platform has its disadvantages, in this case we are talking about the sports platform, DAZN, among its major disadvantages we have that it is not compatible with old TVs , so if we have one, it's better then Let's use our mobile or tablet to be able to enjoy the service or make sure our TV is a smart TV.

And also that for to be able to navigation we strictly need the use of the internet or mobile data , although the latter option is not very feasible, as the platform needs high connection performance to work.

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