How to reduce or change the size of photos or images on my Android

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Android phones have completely changed the way we communicate. This is important because many people have seen the need to be able to communicate immediately with their colleagues or friends, and thanks to phones this it is more possible than ever.

One thing that characterizes them is that you always have to take care of the amount of space they have. Usually, people regulate this storage by deleting unnecessary photos and files. However, there is another group of people who instead of deleting them, what they do is learn how to compress photos so that they take up less space on the device. Here we will show you how can you do it.

    What is photo compression and what does it do?

    When you have a large amount of space occupied by both photos and videos, you will find that they occupy a space proportional to the quality of the photo. It is very clear, the higher the photo quality, the more space it will take up in our virtual archive.

    If you are interested in the digital environment and its representations, you will know that there are measures of storage space, among which we get both Megabites and Gigabites. All your photos are in Megabite, however, many people always want know how much space occupa a series of photos marked with Megabite. For this, many users advise to know how to convert Megabit to Gigabit.

    It is established that each Megabite equals one million bits, which in turn equals 1024 kilobits . All information measures are equivalent to 1024 units of the previous brand, since there are kilobits, megabits, gigabits and other measures.

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    Usually, the phones we have will always have a capacity that won't be able to exceed 124 Gigabits of storage, even so there are phones like the iPhone, whose storage space can easily exceed 200 Gigabit.

    When you compress a photo, ne you take the quality and lower it , however, this allows the photo to still have comparable quality to the original, but take up less space. This is very important if you want to have very large galleries on your phone and don't want to lose a lot of quality by cutting them.

    Can I reduce the size of an image from the gallery?

    It all depends on the gallery you use, even if it is very rare for galleries to have the ability to reduce the size of photos . Some gallery apps have tools for trimming and cropping photos, but if you want to reduce their size, it's best to download some of the best apps to change the size of images.

    How do you reduce the size of a photo on Android?

    To do this, we recommend that you install a specific app which is the Photo Compress & Resize app, developed by the Lit Photo company. In this you will have several editing parameters to your photos that will allow their compression. Its design is modern and intuitive, so you get image compression It's not a problem . If you wish, you can download this app via its

    It is important that after compression, many people use programs that allow them to change other parameters of the photos, such as colors and focus, for example. Thanks to this, many people say that the photos they can be edited on android like a pro , as long as you have the best photo editing program on Android.

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    To use Photo Compress & Resize, you will need to open the App and assign it access permissions to your local memory, so that this program can extract the photos from your memory and then put them to compress in the App. In these you have a number of compression options, such as compression based on pixel loss or based on the percentage of quality loss . It is important to know that these photos can be automatically forwarded with this app to various other social networks.

    What are the best apps to resize images on Android

    There are many App to reduce the size of photos on the mobile, but it is better to go directly to the best ones, which in this case are the following.

    • TinyPhoto: perhaps the ultimate option to reduce photo size on Android. This is the most recommended option for reducing the size of photos on your mobile phone.
    • Photo Compress 2.0: it's a good application, even if it lacks an option to compress multiple photos at the same time.
    • Photo Size - Photo Resizer: Another useful option to reduce the size of photos on Android, it is also completely free.
    • Puma Photo Compressor: Another excellent option for reducing the size of your images on mobile devices. It also allows you to compress multiple photos at the same time.
    • Collapse and resize photo : Compress photos quickly and effectively without annoying ads, no doubts about the best options.

    What other ways do I have to compress photos online?

    In case you don't want to download an app, you can always do so via a quick Google search. To do this, we recommend that you google "Best Photo Compressor" and you will get an answer quickly. However, here we recommend you to use This site is free and It also allows you to create an account.

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    Unlike its competitors, the service will never ask you for money for what it does. Likewise, its use is very intuitive. To use it, you just need to put your files on the website and hit Compress, and it will automatically do whatever you need quickly .

    WhatsApp automatically reduces the size of images

    It may seem like an atypical solution, but WhatsApp has its own compressor , that is, the program automatically reduces the size of the photos. Every photo you send or receive goes through WhatsApp's compression process, although this may not seem like the most functional method, it is an option worthy of analysis.

    Resizing an image reduces its quality

    All of the above options are great if you want to save space on your mobile or optimize photos for sharing on the Internet. In any case, be aware that any compression process will reduce the quality of the photo . Therefore, if you really care about quality, it is better not to use these tools.

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