How to reduce or eliminate lag in Minecraft to optimize the game without adding RAM memory

Ever since COVID 19 hit the world, we've all had to radically change our lifestyle. That's why people today can say that they don't go out that much anymore, that they don't go to work that often and that they hardly meet their friends anymore.

If everyone is home, it means everyone will become even more dependent on their electronic equipment. This is a fact, because all over the world there has been an increase in demand for internet services and electricity service. Since everyone is at home, video games they recruit new militants every day.

When you are a first time player, or have been in the industry for a short time, you will know that a basic concept is the speed with which a game can be played on your computer . Minecraft is one of the best offline games for Android. If you want to make it run faster on your PC or Android, we'll show you how.

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  1. Errors while optimizing Minecraft without adding RAM causing lag
    1. How to eliminate lag on my computer without adding RAM?
    2. Increase the performance of mobile devices
    3. Optimization programs
  2. How the pros optimize Minecraft
    1. Set up Minecraft per PC lenti
    2. How to increase the FPS in Minecraft
    3. How to use: Optifine
  3. What are the minimum requirements to play Minecraft on a PC without lags?
    1. Portable version of Minecraft

Errors while optimizing Minecraft without adding RAM causing lag

Lag is a phenomenon that occurs when things don't go smoothly enough in a virtual environment. So to speak, the smoother things are, the more capable the team is to execute them. In the case of video games, these can have graphic sections that can prevent the computer from running smoothly.

If your game is not working properly, you will have a very slow reaction time . Imagine the game sends you a creeper, but you have a delay. You can't see the creeper coming through the delay, but the game keeps recording that the monster is coming towards you. By the time you get out of the lag and realize you have the creeper nearby, it's too late, because you're already dead in the blast.

The lag occurs because when the game is running, what your computer actually does is generate a series of images that are securely arranged on the screen to create the illusion of fluidity as if it were something from real life. The more images your computer generates, the better. Older computers usually generate few and quantity it is measured in frames per second.

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Humans have a vision that allows us to experience the world in 30 frames per second. The vast majority of games try to run on these.

How to eliminate lag on my computer without adding RAM?

First of all, make sure your computer is capable of running Minecraft minimum requirements. If your computer respects them but just barely, you will have to lower the graphics quality of your game to benefit from the fluidity with which it works.

To do this you need to pause the game and then go to the options section. In this, you will see a box that says "Graphics". Click and it will take you to a list with the game's graphics options. We advise you to uncheck the boxes " Beautiful Graphics "," Soft Lights "," Beautiful Skies " and "Shaking of the head".

Likewise, you'll also need to reduce the amount of blocks your computer loads per second. It is usually set to a minimum.

Increase the performance of mobile devices

It is important to avoid having other applications open in the background, as this means that the phone cannot be 100% dedicated to running the game. On the other hand, if too many games or applications have been downloaded to your phone, RAM may be overloaded and you may need to unlock your phone's RAM. One way to avoid this is to delete the apps you no longer use.

Also, avoid playing games while plugged in or connected to power, as you can damage the battery as well. Finally, it is important that you know that you play brilliantly It also makes your team too busy.

Optimization programs

These programs work on the concept that you allow them to perform a variety of actions, including the regulating the activities performed by the computer. In the case of gamers, these programs are downloaded in order to keep the execution of the tasks on the computer at bay and thus all the energy and ability are concentrated in the execution of the game.

For example, there is the Razer Cortex. On the other hand, there are also other programs that allow you to access the special settings of your video card, which allow you to increase the graphic quality and fluidity of the game.

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There is also the Optifine. This has almost always been the key program for Minecraft optimization.

How the pros optimize Minecraft

It will always be very complicated. This is because whenever you go to see a YouTuber who is doing a series of videos or a stream on Minecraft, they will always have high-end equipment that not only allows them to run the game, but also allows them to run a series of graphic mod that enhance the natural beauty of the game.

Professionals will always set their Minecraft to play on Beautiful Graphics, Soft Skies, Soft Lighting, Clouds, maximum render distance and load of blocks to the maximum.

When you think about all the processing power a computer needs to be on able to perform that feat, you still don't take into consideration the most important aspect they have, which is the Shaders.

The S hader are special programs and mods which serve to give Minecraft a realistic shading system and allow the lighting to be like in real life.

In any case, so that ordinary people can optimize Minecraft to the maximum it is always recommended purchase a good supply of equipment , as well as having RAM without many open programs to facilitate the calculation process.

It is important that they are not there before opening Minecraft open programs on your PC.

Set up Minecraft per PC lenti

This is done through the game's internal settings. To do this, we will open Minecraft and we will go to the settings section . Once in this we will see the option that says 'Graphics'. By pressing it you will see a large number of options.

To make sure Minecraft goes to minimum optimization, you need to lower the distance of rendering, the spawn distance of the Chunks . Also, you have to disable the beautiful graphics and soft lighting options.

This will make Minecraft look pretty ugly, however, will reach the highest amount of FPS that your team can produce.

How to increase the FPS in Minecraft

Many times people don't realize that in addition to having to tweak the game's internal effects, the FPS counter drops they are not caused only by virtual aspects but also physical.

Computers can overheat and this causes the system to run poorly and smoothly. In case your computer experiences an FPS crash while running Minecraft, it could be due to the overheating.

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In this case, you should clean your PC's vents and fan. If you have a laptop, you can purchase an accessory fan which is connected to it via a USB connector and keeps your computer cooler and with a better operating temperature.

How to use: Optifine

This will always be the easiest way to fix the FPS counter in case you have already made the correct settings for your PC temperature. To use Minecraft with Optifine you will need to go to the Optifine page and download the latest version.

Once you have it in a place where you can perform it, you will realize that it will look like a JAVA executable , the system with which Minecraft was coded. When you run it, it will ask you for permission to install. When you install the package, open Minecraft. You will see that the 'Activate optifine' box appears in the profile options. You have to give it to save the settings.

When you go back to the graphics settings you will see that you have a large number of options with which you can change the graphics values ​​of the game and have a better experience.

What are the minimum requirements to play Minecraft on a PC without lags?

These are pretty basic for what today's computer level would be. Officially, Minecraft asks you to have at least 200MB of available storage space, on the other hand, you also need to have at least 4 GB of RAM available at all times.

Based on the CPU requirements, Minecraft requires that you have at least an Intel i3 branded CPU or its AMD equivalent, that would be the AMD A8. The graphics card must be at least an Intel HD Graphics 4000.

In case you want to hear the sounds of the game, you will need to install a sound card in your PC, even if the vast majority have one. one already included.

Portable version of Minecraft

This is a shortened version of the game, which usually doesn't require JAVA to run. Basically what is used is a special version of the game that it does not require prior installation to be able to play. This makes the computer skimp in many areas that usually require double or triple the computing power.

However, almost all versions of Minecraft Portable are hacked, that is they are not original. If so, you may have trouble with authorities without downloads or, worse, contract a computer virus.

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