How to register and log into Facebook with a mobile number?

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Facebook is known as one of the most used social networks in the world for all its benefits. If you don't belong to this world yet, it's time for you to know that creating an account on this page is very simple. You can also register and log into Facebook with a cellphone number .

      First step to register and log in to Facebook with a mobile number

      To access this social network, mainly, you will need an email. You can register easily from a mobile device or from your computer.

      And the steps are not that different from each other. If you want to open a Facebook account, read these requirements so you are ready in advance before logging into Facebook with a phone number.

      Enter through the computer

      • Go to the official Facebook page of your country and fill in the required fields, they will be name, surname and you can choose whether to enter your phone or email . Enter a password and your gender. Finally click on "Sign in".
      • Remember that you need to be at least 1 year old to have an account on the page. To finish, you will have to confirm your number or email via a message or link, as appropriate.
      • Once you have confirmed your email or phone number, you will see a friends option associated with your email or number that you can send a friend request to.

      Log in via mobile

      • Open the app and select "Crea account", then click "Forward". Please have the following fields ready to fill in: name, age, date of birth, gender and mobile phone to confirm your account. Choose a password, then register.

      Log into Facebook with a phone number

      When you log into Facebook, once you've created your account, you'll be asked to log in with your email and password. This it is not entirely restrictive , since you can use your phone number if you have it associated with your profile. If you didn't enter it when you created your account and entered your email for some reason, don't worry, you can change it, just follow these steps:

      • Log in to Facebook using your email or username. In the upper right corner, click on the "Account" option. Select " Settings account " and wait for the following window to appear.
      • Look for the option "Mobile" and click " Sign up for Facebook text messages ". Choose your country and phone company and click "Forward".
      • The next thing you need to do is wait for a text to be sent to a certain number from the phone you'll be using to associate it with your account.
      • Wait for the code to be confirmed and on Facebook, fill in the required field with it and click on "Forward".

      After this configuration, you will be able to receive messages on events of your interest, select the frequency and filter them. Press " Save preferences " before logging out. Thus, you have successfully added your number, for the next time you want to log in to Facebook with a phone number.

      When you log in again you can enter your number in the email field and follow the steps like password and so on. When you register with your phone, remember to enter the correct country code for your country. Also, leave out the extra zeros and plus sign . These errors can make it difficult to access your account in the future.

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