How to register in Telcel and recover or change your password by post

Registration with Telcel o Password or email recovery can be quite cumbersome. Telcel is a Mexican telecommunications network, its origin dates back to 1989, has more than 30 years in the communications market and has more than 100 million subscribers, a figure that has increased in recent times.

Its long history in telecommunications represents one of the most advanced in the world, since in 2012 it was already immersed in 4g or 'LTE' telecommunications technology. This brand was characterized by offering excellent products and services.

    How can I register? Two excellent options

    Registering in Telcel or recovering your password or email, is a topic that most want to avoid, as they consider, for the most part, that it can be very complicated and boring , but that's far from true.

    Register from Telcel Web

    They just need to follow a few steps and of course have access to the Internet, for this, you need to go to the main page of "", select the "Register now" option , a blank space will appear in which you need to enter your phone number.

    So, you have to select the box that says 'Send' , therefore, you have to write your email address and confirm with the code that will be sent to your email.

    Once entered the page , you will be able to perform many operations, such as: check the balance of your Telcel account, know your services and subscriptions, know your existing plans, among others.

    Registering in Telcel or recovering your password or e-mail is very simple, if you have forgotten your password, you just have to select the option 'Recover password' , copy your phone number, wait for the confirmation code, copy the new password and voila, you can interact on the page again.

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    How can I change my password? You know both ways

    First of all, keep in mind that it is not the same thing change the My Telcel password with that of your modem / router. Either way, we'll show you how to do both processes.

    Change your password directly on the modem

    If you want to change the Telcel modem password, try the following. Go to your browser and digita "" and press Enter. In the username and password line, try "admin" for both or "telcel" if that doesn't work, you can also try "telcel" followed by the first 4 digits of the device IMEI.

    Find the "WLAN Key" section and proceed with the change the password of the wireless network . When done, be sure to save and see if the change was successful.

    Change your password via company chat

    One option to change the My Telcel password is to contact the Telcel chat that we find on your page . Through this chat you can communicate with a company employee who will advise you in case of problems.

    The truth is, it's best to use everyday methods, that is to use the "Forgot Password" option, which is only recommended in an emergency. If other methods don't work, you can consider this one call center provided by the company.

    I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

    The first thing would be to check if you have the password saved on your computer, in your Google account or elsewhere. Many times, we have passwords saved, as current devices allow this without major problems.

    If not, you can try the following. The first thing to do is to enter or use the App. The message appears at the bottom 'I forgot the password' , click on it. Next, you need to provide your Telcel number and click "Recover password".

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    After the above, you just have to follow the steps shown . Note that this method works from both the web version and the My Telcel app.

    Differences between Telcel and Movistar

    Whether to register with Telcel or recover the password or e-mail, it turned out to be quite interesting, differentiate the company Movistar and Telcel it will be even more so. The truth is that both are companies, specifically aimed at developing and maintaining mobile phone products and services.

    However, there are many doubts, in relation to their similarities or differences. Some might even think that it is the same company, but that is far from true, since 'Movistar' is a mobile phone company of Spanish origin of 'Telefónica SA.'.

    The company in question is considered in Europe as one of the first most used networks and one of the fifth in the world. Movistar arrived in Mexico in 2000. Unlike its competitor Telcel, which started operating in 1989.

    Both can be confusing, obviously not because of the similarities in the name, but because of the similarity between the "Prepaid" or "Postpaid" cell phones they market and other types of services related to "4G", "4.5G" and "5G". connectivity. '.

    It is fascinating to use this type of connectivity, especially when considering '4G' or '5G' networks, whose connection speeds can reach up to 5 'Megabytes per second'.

    Advantages of using fourth or fifth generation mobile networks

    Registering with Telcel or recovering your password or e-mail is part of being a user or subscriber of a telecommunications company. These provide a means of communication , indispensable for millions of users around the world.

    If you are part of a mobile telecommunications company, perhaps you can consult a coverage map of companies such as Telcel, Movistar, Unefón, among others , in Mexico or in other parts of the world.

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    Surfing the internet seems to be one of the greatest virtues of the aforementioned companies, especially when it comes to Telcel, since has '4G' (fourth generation) and '5G' networks (fifth generation). Both allow the user to navigate quickly and smoothly.

    The networks in question, in addition to providing high speeds in Internet connections, allow the user to stay connected, through the common calling and messaging services, anywhere, since the scope of coverage is more powerful than any inferior network.

    However, it all depends on the geographic location, the scope of the coverage map and, of course, by the type of cell phone that the user uses with each mobile network.

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