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Do you want to know how to register on FlixOlé? Returning to the subject of films, series and the different alternatives such as Pluto TV comes a platform where you can watch this type of streaming content from home and without putting your health or that of your relatives and acquaintances at risk .

Today, these streaming services have become really popular thanks to the success of Netflix, several new alternatives emerge for enjoying movies, series and even live channels , completely remotely over the Internet.

On this occasion, we will explain what one of the streaming services is about becoming popular, FlixOlé . We also show you how it works, what it offers, its plans and how to sign up for so that you can register quickly and easily .

    How FlixOlé works - The streaming platform for Spanish cinema

    This digital streaming service offers its users series and movies Spanish in high definition (HD) , which are paid for through a monthly or annual subscription and allows unlimited use of all the contents of the platform.

    You just have to create an account within its platform to register, select one of its subscription plans and you will be able to enjoy its large catalog of contents which will be available everywhere to view it from your computer or other intelligent electronic device by connecting to the Internet via data network or Wi-Fi.

    Browse its vast catalog, select what you want to search for or choose one of the platform's recommendations, get comfortable and have fun . Once playback starts, you can choose the language (as long as other dubbing versions are available) and subtitles, as well as the quality of the video.

    You can also download a movie or series to watch later offline or add it to the favorites list ("The my list "). If you use multiple devices with your FlixOlé account, you can pause content playback on one of them and continue at the exact moment you stopped from another device .

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    What is the catalog currently on FlixOlé?

    With over 3.500 films and series Spanish, FlixOlé is the largest digital platform for Spanish cinema in the world. Its catalog is mainly focused on Spanish series and films, though inclusion also many other European productions , which sets it apart from other major streaming services like Netflix, which mainly offers American content.

    It not only features the latest movies and series, but contains also classic productions . By subscribing to FlixOlé you will be able to enjoy the largest Spanish cinema catalog in history, which continues to grow steadily with the aim of becoming the leading streaming service in Europe.

    How much does the subscription to FlixOlé cost?

    There are currently two plans in FlixOlé, which differ only in the payment term. You can subscribe for € 2,99 per month or € 29,99 per year . In both cases, you will have unlimited access to the platform's catalog and all its functions.

    Furthermore, FlixOlé has promotional codes that offer you a free trial extension for several days, which is wonderful! It is a fairly accessible service where you can enjoy the best Spanish and European entertainment at a more than reasonable price.

    How to pay for a subscription on FlixOlé

    When you register on the FlixOlé platform, you will enter your credit card payment details (card number, cardholder name, expiration date and CVC / CVV / CID), which will be linked to your account. Once the 14 day trial period is over , your plan it will come automatically charged and the date of the month in which the charges will continue to be made will be set.

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    If you want to check your payment details, change them or just check the exact payment date of the plan, you just need to log in and visit the "The my account ". From the same section you can check the payment history for the last year and even change your plan between the monthly and annual payment method.

    Payment methods available

    • Credit card : the only payment method accepted by the FlixOlé platform. The same data is entered during the registration process and can be changed later. The card must be Master Card , VISA o American Express to be valid on the platform.

    Procedure to register easily in FlixOlé

    If you have seen the catalog or have already used this service through a friend and you are in love with it, please follow the steps below so that you can have the your account on FlixOlé and enjoy the entire catalog.

    You must first open the FlixOlé website from your browser. One time entered the FlixOlé site, you just have to click on the button that says " Log in ". Register using the option located at the bottom of the screen, which will take you to the" Create account ".

    In this section you must enter your personal data , i.e. your email and the password you want to use in your FlixOlé account. Subsequently, there is a box in which you are given the possibility to receive notifications or offers from this site via your email, to accept it you must activate the box, if you do not want, leave the box disabled.

    Once you have completed the data on this page, you must accept the terms and conditions of the service by pressing the " Crea ". What follows is choose which plan suits you best your preferences , 2,99 euros per month and 29,99 euros per year. As soon as you have selected which of the two you want, you just have to click on " Start Premium Package ".

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    The last step is to enter your credit card information and confirm the plan entered. If everything is in order, you need to click " Confirm and pay "to start enjoying the best Spanish cinema streaming service out there.

    Free trial subscription

    As a special offer, the FlixOlé platform offers all its new subscribers a 14-day free trial period . During that time, users can have full access to the platform. The subscription can be canceled at any time without charge. It should be noted that if you resume your subscription later, trial days will not be applied again .

    Paid subscription

    Once the trial period has expired, the platform charges automatically the monthly or annual fee on your credit card. In case you have resumed your subscription after canceling it, you will need to pay for your plan immediately , although the user continues to have the power to cancel the subscription at any time freely.

    How many devices can I connect with a FlixOlé subscription

    You can enjoy FlixOlé from its website, its mobile application and its smart TV application. The platform is also compatible with Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. You can log in with your FlixOlé account on up to 5 different devices , but you can only play content on a single screen at the same time .

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