How to remember where I parked my car with Google Maps?

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Do you consider yourself a forgetful person? In this fast-paced world we live in, where there are too many things to do and too little time to do them, it's easy to forget details we wouldn't normally miss, such as where you park your car. Don't despair, because remember where i parked my car with google maps is here.

All people need help with something, and the forgetful even more, as probably 90 percent of the planet falls into this category. The giants of the technology sector have come up with various solutions, and as always Google is not been since less.

How do I remember where I parked my car with Google Maps?

From looking at the geographic coordinates of latitude and longitude in Google Maps to putting labels on the addresses of places in Google Maps ... This application can do almost anything.

Losing amnesia: how to remember where I parked my car with Google Maps?

Forgetting the keys at home is passable, forgetting an appointment or an urgent call, but where did you park your car?

It's annoying that this happens, but it's increasingly less of a problem with the use of technology GPS or tracker, you can locate your vehicle in seconds.

The application that best performs the task is obviously Google Maps, this allows you to mark the area where you are or have parked, to leave a point and not to forget your car.

The first step to achieve this is " To open "The application will scan and locate you. When you are located in a space, your position on the map will be represented by a blue dot.

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On that same point we will do " Click "and it will show us a menu of options to modify, what interests us at the moment is to save the parking space, let's" Select "on this option and the application will save this point.

Once this is done, the saved point will be represented by the letter P, and no matter how far you go, it will remain on the map, if we click on it, it will give different editing options.

Remember to correctly place the GPS coordinates in Google Maps, as within everything is the main thing.

Some options that improve existence

If it seems easier and easier for me to remember where I parked my car with Google Maps, with these options it will become a task for children.

With the selection of the letter P of the place where you parked, several options will be displayed and will allow you to see where we are parked such as names, house numbers, etc.

Perhaps the most important is "How to get" , which will show the path to return no matter where you are. You can also add more information about where you parked your car.

An example of this would be the options to delete or share the location of the place where you parked, you can also add "Parking Notes", to get more specific about the location of your car if you wish.

And last but not least, you can use the option "remaining time" , in case you have parked in a place with a limit such as a blue zone, or even get to the point of taking a picture and saving it, to refresh your memory and always remember where I parked my car with Google Maps.

Also useful for finding parking easily

Google Maps is incredibly specific, that when you design your dream route, you can add the filter "Parking near the destination".

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For this you just have to " To open " the application, "Find a destination" , on the right select how to get there, will another option called "Steps and more", tap there (it's at the bottom of the screen).

The above option "Parking near the destination". When you tap this option, you just have to click on the parking you want to choose "Add parking" and that's it with everything configured, you just have to click " Home ".

Thanks to Google you should never get lost, each option is simpler than the other and opens a window of possibilities, because it is always important to remember where I parked my car with Google Maps.

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