How to remove a person's face in a photo and put another one step by step

Do you want to put your face or that of someone else on the face of an artist? Well, thanks to the advice we provide in this guide, you can choose any artist's photo , even a family member or acquaintance.

Also, we recommend that you make the face change in two types of applications : PhotoScape and PhotoShop. So follow our tips and tricks step by step, to get a perfect face change from one person to another.

How to remove a person's face from a photo and put another one step by step

How to remove a person's face in a photo and insert another with PhotoScape

If you want to edit a photo; PhotoScape is a good option, as it allows you to observe images, photos, and you can also edit them. This app has a photo editor , which will allow you to make the change of face you want in a perfect way.

Procedure to remove a person's face from a photo and position another with PhotoScape

The steps to do this funny face change with PhotoScape they are very simple, to make it happen, you just have to follow these practical tips:

  • Download the program from its official website and install it on your computer.
  • Open the program.
  • Select the option "File" , then click "Open File".
  • Choose the photo with your face or who you want to change face with, front view and make sure the image has a good resolution.
  • Go to the edit menu, located at the bottom of the window.
  • Select "Cut it" and go to the Lasso tool.
  • Place the mouse arrow under the chin of the face in the image and click and hold.
  • Now make a cutout on the edge of the face.
  • Always take into account the shape and haircut of the person in the photo, where you want to insert the face.
  • Then select the face and choose the option "Copy".
  • Now, select "File" and press "Open".
  • So, choose the photo or image in which you want to change the face, with which I cut.
  • Make a change to the size of the image, on which you will place the face, smaller or larger. It will all depend on what size you want the image to have.
  • Select an area of ​​the image and paste the face.
  • Now choose the option "Tools" and press "Change Size".
  • Click on a corner of the face you pasted on the image and adjust it to the size of the face you intend to insert.
  • With the mouse, drag the face to the face you want to modify.
  • If you notice that there are still differences or the original face is noticeable, edit the one you cut out until it is perfect.
  • You can cancel the contrast, so that the crop lines are not highlighted, by clicking on "Start" and then on the black and white box.
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How to remove a person's face in a photo and insert another with Photoshop

With the Photoshop program you can make all necessary changes to an image or photograph very easily. With this program installed on your computer, you will be able to perform assemblies and modifications any image will also be left with a perfect professional style. The downside is that it gets paid.

In addition to changing a face, Photoshop will allow you to make many other changes, such as rejuvenating a face so that the person looks younger, censoring parts of an image in case of not having permission to view certain content, removing the shadow from a photograph and much more. You can learn how to do all this and more on our website.

Steps to remove a person's face from a photo and position another with Photoshop

Next, we will introduce you to one professional technique , design in Photoshop, to get a face change, from one image to another, very simple.

  • When you open the Photoshop program, select the two photos you will work with.
  • Now go to "Menu", "Edit", "Mode" and changes the color of images from RGB to black and white scale.
  • Press the "Lasso" option and cut out the face.
  • Then you will move the cut out face to the other photo you want to edit.
  • Select the face of the photo where you want to place the cropped one and press the right mouse button and choose "Layer via copy".
  • Adjust the color of both faces by pressing "Picture menu", "Adjust" and select "Color Match".
  • Reduce the opacity of the image the image will be ready.

Regardless of the program you choose, be it PhotoScape or PhotoShop, if you follow these steps, you can get a perfect face change.

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