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Word is one of the most useful programs Office has within it. This has become anyone's right hand when writing a document on the computer. For this reason you must learn to use all its functions (such as the one that allows you to change or adjust the margins in a document). With that in mind, today you will see how to remove all footnotes in Word.

This office application it is one of the best for most of the tools it has . Which allow the documents that are created inside it to have a fairly high level of customization and also to look like professional works, out of the mind of a brilliant writer (and in words you can literally even write with Chinese letters or characters).

    Add and remove footnotes in Word

    Logically, before you can remove all footnotes in Word, you first need to learn how to add them. To achieve this, you have to click on the place where you want to take the note, then go to the tab above which is called " References ".

    You will notice that an option called "Insert footnote " or "Insert note at the end" , this action will create the note, so now you can write in it. If you want to go back to the lines of the document, press the number at the beginning of it.

    Now, with the above, you already know how to place a note, so it's time for you to see the process to follow to remove all footnotes in Word.

    Number one, go to the symbol or numbering of the note and delete it, this will make it disappear from the document. You can also right click on it and select the option "Go to footnote", in that section remove the number and that's it.

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    Delete all footnotes in Word

    If you've created too many notes and think you're wasting a lot of time erasing them all (or it bothers you to have to do them all one by one), you need to know that there is a way to remove them in one movement (including the endnotes).

    To achieve this, you must first place the cursor or mouse at the top of the document, then press: CTRL+H , to open a dialog whose name is "Advanced Find and Replace".

    That is for Windows users, if you are using a MAC computer, you have to select: the "menu" Modification ", then "Near" and finally "Advanced search and replace".

    Regardless of how you got to that section, you need to hit the option called " Replace ", and in the search engine that will appear by typing: ^f (for footnotes) the ^ e (for endings).

    As a final step, make sure the box "Replace with "remains blank, then click "Replace all" , this deletes all the notes from the document in one go.

    Remove a note at the end

    As you read earlier, in Word you can also put notes at the end. If you have decided to insert them and now you want to delete them without touching the footnotes, you should do the following:

    Press the " I "that appears in the body of your document, this will make the note disappear (as with the number in the footnotes). You can also right click on it and select "Go to the final grade" , in that other section you can also delete said letter.

    And done with the latter, you know how to remove all footnotes in Word, and in turn, you've learned the same about endings. Now you just have to go to your documents and start editing them, so that they finally start looking neat and professional. Remember that the presentation is everything in the world.

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    So don't stay looking for other Word functions that will help you improve, such as the one that allows you to insert or position multiple images, or the one that allows you to insert an audio or music file.

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