How to remove and disable Facebook notifications so you never get them again

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Facebook is without a doubt the most important social network and recognized of the entire planet. Over the years it has had immensely positive growth and evolution, presenting on its platform a large number of options, tools, services, tools and other features and qualities totally conceived, designed and built for the benefit of their respective users.

With the passage of time, this social network managed to make the necessary changes to continue to be attractive to the public and the new generations, managing to get new users day after day who want to register, enter and start enjoying the many options that this incredible American platform has to offer us.

Within its extensive portfolio of quality and characteristics we can highlight many interesting factors and facets that make this social network platform a multifunctional application. From here we can find and post photos, videos, share images, add friends, comment and publish and other options. We can also receive games, events, groups and much more.

All these features together with a simple and interesting interface they are the attraction that Facebook has and with which it has reached millions of users all over the world. This social network is fully available on all types of platforms, consoles, web browsers and operating systems, so you can't miss out on all these benefits.

What are Facebook notifications?

Like any application or social network this has its notifications with which we will be aware of all this that happens on this platform, we can see the likes given to our photos, images or videos, as well as comments made by other people, upcoming events, invitations from friends, birthday of the day and other Facebook notifications.

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Thanks to these we can know everything that happens when we are not inside the app or simply do not want to open it. This Facebook feature turns out to be quite useful in this kind of situations or cases, but if for some reason you don't want to know about these daily notifications, there are solutions you can go to so that these notifications don't bother you. if you are busy or not.

Next we will tell you how to remove or disable recurring notifications from Facebook in so they don't bother you during the day , we're going to show you two pretty cool, simple, and easy-to-do options that won't take you long. So stay with us and find out all the information and details related to this good solution.

How can I remove and disable Facebook notifications so I never get them again?

As we said before , performing this procedure is quite simple and will not take time. First of all we will have to log into Facebook, once and within our respective profile we will have to go to the settings section which is usually delimited by the icon of a small dice, 3 lines, 3 points or some kind of tool.

It is usually found in the corner at the top right of the screen , so to speak, right in the corner. Once located and selected, a large list of options and tools will be displayed, we will go to the help and configuration section where we will find the application configuration box first, we will click right here.

A new menu will appear in which to select "Notifications". There we can see a large number of options to be able to change our notifications, we will deactivate the main switch that appears at the top of the screen and voila, we will have removed the notifications from Facebook.

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For the 2nd method , we will have to enter the configuration and settings section directly from our phone, there we will look for the applications box, select and then type the name of the app in the search engine.

Once found, we will go to the "Application notifications" box. Again we will see a list of options related to notifications, we will disable the main option and that's it. We will have successfully removed and deactivated notifications from Facebook.

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