How to Remove and Know Website Permissions - Quick and Easy

Undoubtedly within the web there are various tools with which we can browse the Internet, however, Google Chrome e Mozilla Firefox , they are among the best web browsers i.e. they have positioned themselves as the most popular in recent times.

Based on this and the huge popularity they have gained, it is common for companies to look for the best way to improve and offer better services to their users. In the aspects that have seen the most significant progress, it is on the security of identification , in which several security enhancements have been incorporated.

It is quite common that while browsing these tools, pages ask us to access various permissions, which generally grant some data about us to some users. These permissions are usually found this way for allow proper service and how pages work, however, this doesn't always work that way.

In this article we will explain how to remove and learn a little more about the permissions of a specific website, so that in this way you know more about the security of the website you will visit.

Check the website permissions in Chrome

Google Chrome, in addition to being one of the most popular browsers today, has a large number of users who trust its platform, which also has several tools that we can add or remove if necessary.

One of the best things this browser can offer you is that it can access the permits that have been granted to the web we are entering. This way, we can know exactly what you have access to and, if we wish, we can revoke it.

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To be able to see this section, you just have to enter a certain web page and, subsequently, position ourselves in the address bar, where we can see an icon with a padlock, which we must press. There we can see a message that says " see information on the site ".

After that, we have to press the section " Site configuration ", where we can see the list of permissions that have been granted for the web.

Similarly, in that same section we can see that by default some values ​​appear which are marked by default. It is in that section that we can change the permissions that are granted, which we can also change at any time we wish.

View and change permissions in Firefox

If, on the other hand, you have installed the Mozilla Firefox browser, the procedure, although similar, presents some things that may seem very different and you get confused. To start, all you have to do is enter the specific page and then enter the address bar, where we will find the button " information ".

Once inside, we have to enter the "Permissions" button, where you can see a detailed list with all the permissions that have been granted for the page. If you want to access a specific one, you just have to click on it , so that they show you the details of it and the list of pages that have a specific access.

What are the general permissions granted in Google Chrome?

In general, the permissions that this tool's web browsing grants are the most basic, in order to ensure the proper functioning of its operation.

We refer to them with the use of cookies, camera position, pop-up windows, sending notifications, microphone , use of javascript, flash, access to images, background synchronization, automatic downloads or complete control of devices MIDI among many others, which are essential for the functioning of every website.

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