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Many times we have to unzip a Winrar file with a password, for this reason when we share a file we can add a password to make sure that only people who know it can access all the files that are there.

WinRAR is an extremely useful program that everyone should have installed on their computer, but there is also the possibility to compress and decompress files on the mobile, so it turns out to be a rather advantageous program. Not only is it for sharing a file securely, but it is also useful for sharing a large number of compressed files in one.

In turn, in most cases there it helps to save a lot of space, especially when we're going to compress a large number of files. So it is extremely useful to have this program on your computer as you can also split Winrar files into several parts.

Next, we will see how to enter a password in a WinRAR file in a simple way. The same program provides us with all the tools we need to be able to protect our or our files.

In turn, we will see how to remove a password from a WinRAR file. But don't worry because it's not something that is extremely simple to do either.

How to enter the password in a WinRAR file

  • The first thing you need to do is download WinRAR. It installs very easily like any other program, so there are no further complications in this step.
  • Now we will have to right click on the file or files we are going to compress. In case you want to compress multiple files, you need to select all of them and then right click on one of them.
  • A new menu will appear and we will simply select the option » Add to file «.
  • A new window opens with several options. What we recommend that you configure here is only the " Compression method »So you can select the best one. Then you can just change the filename, the only important thing is that it always ends with " .rar «.
  • If you look at the bottom right you have the possibility to " Set password ". Click this button and a new window opens.
  • Here you will enter your password and confirm by entering it again. Then click » OK »To complete the process.

How to remove the password from a WinRAR file

Remove the password from a WinRAR archive it's not exactly easy. However, there is a very useful program that can help you remove the password from a compressed file.

The application is called RAR Password Unlocker and is used to recover passwords from compressed RAR format files. The operation of the program is divided into three: brute force, brute force with masking or via dictionary.

Using the program is quite simple, just open it, choose the form of " attack »We talked about before and then click on" starts ". You have to keep in mind that this process isn't exactly something quick, so you'll need to be patient.

Another good thing about this program is that it is not limited to RAR files only. Since it can recover the passwords of compressed files in a large number of formats. For more information, we recommend that you visit the link we provide above.

In turn, if you are worried that someone will use this type of program to remove the password from your files. Our advice when creating passwords to prevent others from removing them is basically to be very original and avoid using common words. It is best to create a combination of uppercase letters, numbers and symbols so that in this way it is impossible to remove a password from WinRAR.

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