How to remove and use the ruler tool in Photoshop step by step

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Photoshop is the so-called computer program of image editing, developed by the Adobe Systems company. With this program you can digitally retouch.

Likewise, Photoshop has a large number of tools included which many users don't know how to handle, as the tool called "Ruler" . Therefore, below we will explain the steps you need to follow in order to work with her in this program.

The ruler is one tool to measure with and in order to work on editing images you need to understand their use. For this reason it is necessary to know in depth what this tool is for and how it is managed so that in this way you can create wonders with this program.

Learn step by step how to use the ruler to measure in Photoshop

Photoshop has a variety of tools so that you can work freely and thus create good images. Therefore, if you need to know the measurements of an image, you should only implement the use of this tool.

This program is considered to be the best application for design, but there are other alternatives as well. For this reason it is necessary to follow each of the steps that we will mention below to know how to measure images and correctly use the ruler in the program.

It should be clear that the measurements in the editing program are expressed in pixels, for this reason the ruler shows its measurements in that unit. Initially this tool can be found in the toolbox in the same box where the dropper is located.

You just have to position yourself on the option "dropper" and right click. When you perform this step, a submenu will still appear with some options where an icon with a rule is included. It is the so-called " ruler tool " and you have to click to use it.

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Next, you can select the image you want to measure and position yourself at the starting point from which you want the measurement to be taken. Also, without releasing the mouse, you have to scroll to the end point , will draw a straight line.

Then, the information of the measurement just performed can be displayed in a bar that appears below the menu bar. In turn, if you want to know the measures expressed in another unit, you can get it, you just have to double-click on the rule icon and it will automatically show you the options for the units of measure it contains.

Features of the ruler tool in Photoshop

The ruler is a necessary and indispensable tool in the program with it you can know the size of an object in the Photoshop sheet . Likewise, you can know the scale when printing.

In turn, if you are working on the design of a logo and you need to follow precise measures, with the rule you can guide you so that the final result of your work is as expected.

Also in the program it is possible to measure distances, to achieve this it is necessary select the ruler tool as explained above. Next you have to position yourself at the starting point from where you want to measure to the end point. In turn, for draw the horizontal or vertical line you can help yourself by pressing the button Shift .

Then go to the top section of the screen in "menu" and in the card "data" , so you will get the information about the measurement that has just been performed. It's very simple, that way you can measure elements in Photoshop. Similarly, with the ruler you can too measure angles Furthermore, with this tool you can straighten an image if you wish.

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In conclusion, this tool performs the function of measuring and helping to accurately position images or an element. The rule is functional within the program, you just have to understand the number of uses and put them into practice when you sit down to edit with Photoshop.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to use the ruler tool in Photoshop by following the steps explained above? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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