How to remove comments or revisions from a document in Word (example)

Gradually, you will become someone trained in the efficient management of the leading office software on the market. In this article, you will go through "two or three steps" learning how to remove comments or revisions from a document in Word.

How to remove comments or revisions from a document in Word

And to teach you more and more about Word and its tools, we have already made several guides on said word processor. But the truth is, there are always new things to learn, taking into consideration the amount of possibilities this software offers

I assume at this point you will have Word downloaded and installed on your computer. If not, I recommend downloading Word from the official product page. Sure, the Office 365 family is a paid package, but I have no doubt it will be a huge investment in your future .

By learning to master office automation, you will be able to get a I work in any office and aim for the highest positions available. Remember that since the interfaces are similar, improving Excel or PowerPoint will also improve your skills in Word and vice versa.

You should now be completely ready to learn to remove comments or revisions from a Word document . The process is really simple, as long as you put it into practice by reading the guide.

If you get it wrong, you can always read again as many times as you need. And if for some reason you want to try it another day, you can check your history to access this tutorial again.

What is office automation?

You may not be familiar with the term, but you can infer that it is the term office and computer science. As such, it is made up of the specially developed group of IT tools for office work . They increase efficiency and simplify employee tasks, achieving incredible results.

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Microsoft Corporation is the leading office automation company , because it has some of the best software in this branch. Both its word processor (Word), its spreadsheet (Excel) and presentation worksheet (PowerPoint), are dominant in the market.

What is Microsoft Word?

We have already talked about it broadly. Word is a word processor multifunctional . Customization of texts both in color, size and type of font, creation of statistical graphs using predetermined shapes, various designs, etc.

What are fixes in a Word document?

When you submit an important document, for work or place of study, you usually receive a return indicating corrections . They usually appear in the right margin of the page, highlighting the error and making a comment about it.

How to remove comments or reviews from a document in Word?

The first thing you will do is access the Review context menu, which is located at the top of the screen. Within this section you will have the opportunity to accept or reject corrections that have been made to you, after having obviously evaluated them.

  • In case you consider that all changes are relevant, you will resort to the Accept option and in the window that appears you will choose the one that says Accept all changes .
  • If only a few corrections seem appropriate to you, you can accept them individually with the Accept option and move on to the next one.
  • It's also perfect that if you have a lot of faith in your work, you don't pretend to accept the corrections. You can reject them all in the tool Reject -> Reject all changes .
  • Most likely only some of the comments don't interest you, so you can reject them individually, again with the Reject tool, but choosing the option Decline and continue with the next .
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This would be practically everything you need to know to work with the corrections that have been made to you, easy enough, right?

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