How to remove, delete or block someone from my Snapchat account

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You need to know that Snapchat is a social network , but just as many users come to talk about it, not everyone knows its use, among its most popular times even Facebook wanted to buy it, but this transaction did not happen.

Even so, it has far more Facebook users today, while Snapchat's have dwindled. This is because there are other applications like Snapchat, that is, they have very similar tools and functions.

It is important to know that many young and old alike have accessed this social network at some point. While many don't believe it, every social network has its own story and it's good to know when Snapchat was created, or just who came up with the amazing idea. Well, despite everything, un time was an important social platform.

Despite everything, what captures users the most is that the image when sending lasts about 10 seconds and it is something that many of us desire.

In this way, many want to maintain a certain trustworthiness or are not so sure when they send an image and that is why they create an account on Snapchat, the same way as all networks we want to know. how to block someone and here we will teach you .

Delete someone from my Snapchat account

On many occasions in our social networks we have someone from our friends list who no longer wants to have access to what we post for some reason, there may be a problem or simply you no longer want to have him as a contact, so we must learn how to delete and block in this case on Snapchat.

It is important that you know when delete a friend on Snapchat you will not be able no longer see any of his stories, the first thing you need to do to delete someone is:

  1. Enter the application.
  2. Then swipe right to access the screen area of chat .
  3. The next step will be to press and hold the friend you want to delete.
  4. Click more and finally delete friend .
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It is important that you also know the options presented to you by the configuration of that application. Exactly the privacy settings, because if you post a content publicly, this person could also log in to view it, so in the same way, then we will show you how block a friend on your Snapchat account .

Block someone from my Snapchat account

Since it is not always enough to delete a friend because he will surely want to access our personal data later, or send us a message for this reason we must block it until finally or whatever you like, when you block it, he will no longer be able to see your stories

The first thing you should do is enter the Snapchat app and swipe right and then enter the chat screen, but in this case when you hold down the friend's name you have to tap more and give the option to block and like this your contact will already be blocked .

In this way, you keep away the people who really don't want to see anything you do or post in this social network, of course. has its very ephemeral publications , but it can be very useful. Likewise, you can upload photos from your gallery to Snapchat from your Android or iOS if you don't want to use your camera.

It will unblock someone on Snapchat

We want to let you know that this can be done when you want and if it deserves it, only then they will send you messages, photos by this medium, otherwise they will not be able to access. When you enter the application you have to go to the settings and go down until you get the locked option, in that section the username should appear .

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An X appears next to the name, what you have to do is click on it and with these simple steps you will have the person unlocked. This application it is very interesting for its filters and its mode of sending a photograph, in many cases we want to download stories, videos and photos on Snapchat because this is good content.

These social networks always have different ways to explore their tools , the important thing is to learn how to use them because if this were not the case, it would not be enjoyed to the fullest as many users wish.

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