How to REMOVE FORMAT from text in Word easily (Example)

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You certainly came here looking to boost your computer skills. It makes sense that you are interested in tools that are so popular in the job market, like Microsoft Word. By modern business standards, any experienced employee will have a lot of spots on their resume.

How to REMOVE FORMAT from text in Word easily

With that in mind, we'll teach you how remove formatting from text in Word , easily and quickly. The entire Microsoft Office software package can be downloaded from its official website, it is ideal for improve office efficiency . Since, by facilitating tasks, it allows you to accelerate the pace of employees.

Plus, your documents will be able to handle more accurate data in engaging, easy-to-read ways. Of course, this guide isn't the most complex you will find. What we want is that, step by step, you internalize the basic concepts of the program.

As you get used to its features, you can study more complex guides, such as designing badges or creating professional organization charts in Word. Finally, move on to other tools like Excel and PowerPoint.

Note that the entire Microsoft Office suite is paid. Don't be put off by the money, I assure you that buying these products will be a excellent investment for your future . As you organize your study schedules throughout the week, you will gradually progress to become an office automation expert. However, if you don't have the option to purchase the program, you can use Microsoft Office for free online.

What is office automation?

When we talk about office automation, we are referring to the set of tools specially designed for automate office computer processes . That is, with them, you can streamline the work of an office and facilitate the tasks of your employees.

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Although this branch of computer science has been developing for many years, it is in these times that it acquires major worldwide relevance .

What is Microsoft Word?

As already mentioned, this software belongs to the Microsoft Office software suite, developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is the word processor that dominates the world market , thanks to its innovation and ease of use.

Word processors allow you to add or remove new formats to the essays , beyond the ordinary. In them you can customize the fonts, their size and colors. Likewise, they will be used to create charts, organization charts, and all kinds of items that are useful for organization.

How to easily remove formatting from text in Word?

If we copy and paste a text into our word, we may have some problems. This is due to the fact that said text can come from the Internet, where different formats and designs abound .

In case we want a simple text, without any kind of modification, we can remove each of the formats individually that has. To remove the format of a snippet, you need to select it and then click on the context menu at the top, on the options you want to remove.

For example, if the wording is underlined, you will need to mark it and press the underline tool in Word. When applied to already underlined text, it will have the opposite effect, eliminating it and leaving it in its normal state.

Sounds a bit boring doesn't it? You're right. Let me tell you that there is a simpler method, to automatically remove formatting from all text. All you have to do is copy the words you want to work on (as many as you want) to the clipboard and right click on the Word sheet.

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There, several paste options will appear, among which choose Keep Text Only (T).

Ready! You quickly managed to remove all formatting from a text. Now you can leave it clean, or, conversely, apply new formats to your liking, without limiting yourself to the ones you originally had.

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