How to remove or change the login image in Windows 10?

Customization and editing have become part of our life, today everyone wants to express their individuality and companies know this. That's why they allow us to change more and more. Windows isn't far behind in this, and not to be far behind, find out how remove or change the login image in Windows 10 as easy as installing or configuring the Windows Server DHCP server.

Maybe you've already tried it once or twice, but for those newbies who still have their username as if it's a visitor, it's time to finally give some modification to their own life.

    Remove or change the login image in Windows 10

    The steps to get the customization of this image are very simple, although in reality without a guide, it is not that easy to find the sections we need to enter.

    Make sure you know how many versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system exist to choose which is the best of the existing Windows 10 versions.

    The first thing is to click the " Start "and the section" Configuration "(if you don't get a name, it's the gear that appears in the vertical line above the start).

    Once there, give the option " Account It should be noted that you can also take a shortcut, which is that you can directly select the "Change Account Settings" option, if you right-click on the user's image.

    Once you have finished one of the two, a different section will open, here you have to click on the option "Search for one", which is in a field called "Create your image", here it will finally show where you can choose the image you want you want , once you have made your choice, click on " Choose image ".

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    So we will see that our image will appear when the computer is locked and in all places where the Windows user appears. As you can see it doesn't even take 5 minutes to remove or change the login image in Windows 10, it's as simple as breathing.

    default image

    If for some reason you wake up one day with the idea of ​​returning the image to the previous one or you simply have to do it, it is quite possible and also very simple.

    First we have to go on this path "C:ProgramDataMicrosoftUser Account Pictures" , this is where all the images that arrive in the system already predefined are saved.

    However, to get here it must be the same as the previous option, let's go to " Account "And then on" Look for one ”, From there we go to the aforementioned folder. We just choose one and that's it, everything will be as before.

    Delete or remove the image

    This step is especially if you want to remove or change the login image in Windows 10, so that it no longer accumulates junk, that is, we will delete it, the ones that are no longer used.

    First let's go to the following path, C: Users(User name) AppData RoamingMicrosoftWindowsAccountPictures , here are the images that were established long ago, and from here can be deleted.

    Windows 10 and its lack of personality

    Although obviously, as you have just seen, it is possible to change the user's image, and it is simpler than in previous versions, Windows 10 it limits the customization a bit in some respects.

    It is worth mentioning, because although you can remove or change the login image in Windows 10 at will, the Windows startup background cannot.

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    Nobody knows why, but Windows hasn't integrated this one option in the system and, while the default images can be great, everyone wants to put their own.

    There are third party tools that allow modification of this, which will not be mentioned because it is everyone's risk to try them or not. But as a final conclusion, it's always good to ask yourself why Windows changes its ways and once again everything is editable.

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