How to remove or delete ads displayed in Google Chrome?

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In this article we will show you how to remove or remove ads that appear in google chrome . But, to get the context, we first want to explain why almost all web pages today have ads.

      Why are ads appearing on almost every web page?

      "Money makes the world go round." For better or for worse, this is a truth that governs our society, which is why money is present in almost all activities. Indeed, surfing the Internet does not escape this rule, because almost from the moment of its invention, businessmen realized the economic advantages they could generate by exploiting this new technology.

      How to remove or delete ads displayed in Google Chrome?

      For this reason, almost all web pages today have ads . This allows the page owner to earn a commission every time a person clicks on one of the ads displayed on his page. This is known as "monetizing" a Page.

      For its part, Google also earns, since it is he who controls the platform that classifies, categorizes and authorizes these ads, known as Google Adsense.

      Very briefly, this is why almost all web pages today have ads: money .

      How to remove ads displayed in Google Chrome

      If you want to stop seeing ads on every page you access, as well as on YouTube and other social networks, here are 2 options available to you. The first is a partial solution. The second option is much more final .

      Remove ads from the Chrome settings menu

      No doubt, i pop-up o pop-up windows are one of the most frustrating types of web ads out there. They appear when you click on a file or link and automatically open a new tab containing your ad.

      They are also quite dangerous, as it is one of the most used methods by attackers to download malicious software onto your computer. Thus, it is helpful to avoid them to prevent Trojan viruses and keep your computer safe.

      Therefore, among the things you can customize in Google Chrome is the option to block these types of ads, which is activated by default . However, if this is not your case, you can enable this option by following these simple steps.

      Its a computer:

        In Android:

          Are iPhone and iPad:

            Once you do that, Chrome will automatically block pop-ups from any page, including those annoying ads. However, keep in mind that not all popups are spam .

            Therefore, if you want a specific page (for example a banking page) to display its content through these windows, you will have to allow it by clicking on the pop-up icon in the search bar and then clicking "Allow".

            Now, even with this setup, you'll still see other types of ads. Keep reading this article if you want to get rid of them forever.

            Using a free ad blocker

            As the name indicates, these extensions or applications block all ads that may appear on the pages you enter. Some of these extensions are paid, however there are versions as well for free which perform the same function. We recommend the following applications that you can find in the Chrome extension store:

            • Adguard Adblocker.
            • Ad blocker.
            • uBlocca origine.
            • Ghost.

            If you don't know how to use this type of application, on our website we teach you how to search and install extensions in Google Chrome. Also, if you don't want to see ads while browsing on your phone, learn how to install these extensions on a mobile device. This way you can remove or delete the ads that appear in Google Chrome on all your devices.

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