How to remove or delete SEARCH.GG Custom Search Browser from Google Chrome

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One of the advantages we have gained through the Internet is the fact that we can access any type of content. This includes programs of all kinds, which is great when it comes to getting those programs that usually cost a lot of money to legally own.

This is why many people end up browsing ThePirateBay to see what they can find through its many torrents. But it is not always advisable to have to hack all programs.

How to remove or delete SEARCH.GG Custom Search Browser from Google Chrome

Sometimes hacking a particular program or downloading a free program from a place other than its official website can cause some problems. Among them are different types of viruses that your computer may have, some of the most annoying are malware o adware, from which you have to protect yourself.

That is why we must always protect ourselves and have some knowledge of where and how we can download certain programs.

In fact, although the use of this type of virus has decreased slightly, the chances are that you end up downloading a program that ends up installing another totally unwanted program or a plug-in for your browser . They do this so that the program or ad that continually appears in your browser can get money through your forced visit.

And when this happens what can we do? It is something that happens often with people who unexpectedly come across as the new browser home page. See below how you can solve this problem.

Use programs

When you discover that yours home page di Google Chrome it's no longer Google, this can be a big deal if you don't know how to handle this situation. It is something very common when we find the annoying page as our page.

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It is not really very good and only exists to annoy us so that they can make money through our forced visit. And it often happens that when we try to change the home page to a different one, it reappears.

This because yes essentially behaves like a virus inside our computer. If this happens, one of the best ways to put an end to this annoying scenario is through an anti-malware program. There are many that you can choose from to solve this problem. The most famous program is Anti-Malware Bits. It is a free alternative and good enough to be able to repair these programs.

There are also others like Wipersoft and Combo Cleaner, which, while they don't work as well, are a good alternative when you don't have a good antivirus to keep you safe at all times.

But the answer is not always a program, you can also do it yourself if the case calls for it, and thus you learn how to deal with this problem

Manually remove the problem

It is very likely that this problem was hidden with another particular program. This is why you should actually uninstall that program. Just uninstall the last program you installed before the problem started. If you are on a PC, go to the Control Panel , followed by Programs and functionality .

Here you will look for the latest program you downloaded and installed or any program that might be suspicious for you since you don't recognize it. Remember that you can solve this problem on MacOS dragging the application to the trash and then emptying the trash.

In case you have done this and the problem persists, maybe something has been changed in your Chrome browser. If so, you will need to change the settings and reset them.

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To do this, go to the Chrome settings and look for the button "Reset profile settings ", accept it and then reboot when asked to do so. After this the problem should be completely solved.

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