How to remove or disable apps that start automatically when Windows opens

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Operating systems they are an essential tool that humans have created to adapt the technological elements to an easy-to-use interface for the users of these systems.

With the passage of time, technology has allowed programming more complicated elements, like the Operating System. There are 3 main brands today, which are MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Computers running macOS they are sold exclusively by the brand Apple, these while having a high price are incredibly good computers, whose operating system really takes advantage of every penny that is invested. This is because Apple manages to maximize the capabilities of the hardware in secret ways.

Also developed by the Ubuntu team, there is Linux. It is a system that allows users to configure in a much more personalized way the way in which the pieces that make up the hardware are used, as well as being able to write the code of many more programs.

It is important to know that Linux is open source, so anyone can learn how to install Ubuntu Linux easily.

Finally, we have Windows. This is developed by Microsoft , a company founded by a billionaire philanthropist named Bill Gates, who is a tech genius.

What is Microsoft Windows? How do I know if my computer has Windows?

Microsoft Windows is the operating system used by the vast majority of users of what are commonly called PC. These are all the equipment we know as laptops and tower or desktop computers.

Call them whatever you want, the safest thing is that your computer is made by one of the big tech companies, like Sony, Samsung or Toshiba, and hundreds of other companies that have made a name for themselves by selling equipment that includes the Windows operating system by default. default.

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It is easy to know if your computer has Windows, as this operating system is characterized by its horizontal toolbar located at the bottom of the screen. The start button has the logo of the operating system, so it is very easy to identify.

This is in addition to the fact that your computer displays the same symbol when turn on the equipment . Other than that, there are some system applications that open automatically when the operating system is started.

What applications open when Windows starts?

These are too varied since the vast majority are installed by the user . For example, the vast majority of task managers for printers whose drivers are installed on your computer start automatically.

On the other hand, people who play video games will notice that there are various programs like Discord. This is a free voice and text chat service, in which you can register for free. Also, there are others application markets, which can also manage an internal game library. An example of these is Steam. This is a market where you can download, install and play video game titles.

When all these applications are opened at the same time, the computational processing unit, or the CPU for short, suffer from a problem called excessive traffic. This causes the entire operating system to slow down.

Remove or disable apps that start automatically in Windows

For this, we have to open the PC normally. Once opened, we need to search for the Windows startup key. If you have Windows 8 or 10, you can access a special menu by pressing the Magnifying glass key and typing, excluding the quotation marks, the ¨MSCONFIG¨ command.

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This command opens the Windows settings. Among the options offered, there is the " Windows start" , which in turn has the "Open Task Manager" button.

Once you access this menu, you will see a tab that says "Start" and shows the programs that Windows starts with. You have to select and disable them with the "Disable" button at the bottom right, which is activated when you click on one of these programs.

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