How to remove or disable automatic audio from Facebook videos

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Videos are one of the best creations in technology, and that is that a huge number of uses have been implemented with them. Among which we can mention the learning, the communication between people at a distance, playing and setting music, etc.

Therefore, in most of the web a section for their reproduction on social networks has been implemented and important pages currently have a space for uploading videos. Here we explain how to quickly upload videos to your Facebook account.

Therefore, one of the most used social networks to have a good connection and communication with others is Facebook. Besides being one entertainment platform, allows various activities such as uploading stories.

Among which stands out the loading of various publications, but we can also turn off automatic audio for videos . Action that for many of the users of the social network is very interesting.

How to watch videos on Facebook?

Facebook is considered the most important social network of the year 2020, and the reality that the percentage of people who do not yet have an account on this network is very low. Therefore, it is always in constant development so that its users do not get bored and, on the contrary, catch their attention even more.

Among the most important innovations created by the constant development of Facebook, there is the embedding videos in the platform , which can be seen from the home menu when shared by friends. Or in the video section of the application.

What is the Facebook video section in the smartphone application?

The Facebook video section is a very similar segment to the well-known main wall, but in this case they come displayed only the video . These are usually videos that have recently been uploaded by someone in the user's friends list or from pages that may be of interest to the user. If you want you can download them to your Android or iPhone.

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The second option works thanks to the large investment of robots that detect and analyze research data of users who use the social network, not only to be in charge of showing the contents that the user likes. If not to also check which are the best videos in general terms.

How does the video section work?

The video section it basically works like i wall posts or profile posts. As the user navigates vertically in the interface, where will display only the content in video format, where you can also react and make comments.

One of the advantages of browsing the video section is that not only will we be able to see videos that have been shared in Facebook groups and our contacts, but we will also observe interesting videos in relation to the past searches . This is done through a content classification system.

Although there are some users who like it watch videos without sound , as they prefer to listen to their own music or just not listen to anything. Then they are presented with a problem that in some cases they don't know how to solve, but it's really very simple.

How to remove or disable automatic audio from Facebook videos?

The automatic mute process is really very simple. Although it is not entirely necessary to turn it off when listening to music, since the same program plays the audio of the video when the user looks at it.

In short, the music is paused while we are watching the video automatically and it will play again when we are no longer watching the video. If you still want to skip the audio from the videos, all you have to do is do click on the speaker located at the bottom right the video.

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In some cases, the option will not appear, so you need to drag the screen slightly to make it reappear. In this way you will be able to appreciate only the visual part of a video, omitting the audio it emits, and then listen to whatever else we want.

Finally, it should be noted that this process is very intuitive. So it won't take too long to do, as it doesn't require a big process.

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