How to remove or disable messages or replies in Instagram stories

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Instagram is one of the best social networks in existence today, for this reason it is also one of the most used, however, it can sometimes be annoying when replies to our stories are received from totally unknown people, so how can we disable replies in stories?

Privacy in social networks is vital importance for the users of these applications as sometimes it is not necessary for everyone to see what they want to share, much less when they are people you follow or do not know.

The triad of social networks that make up Facebook, WhatsAap and of course Instagram, allows its users to decide who sees, reads and responds to their photos , stories and states by not showing our uploaded information to people who don't need to see it.

    Steps to disable replies to stories

    However, this application allows its users to change this option so that they only receive replies from followers or simply receive no response from anyone.

    The first thing to do in this case is to take your mobile phone, tablet or computer and open the Instagram application, once inside go to your profile, where you can find all the photos and videos previously shared as well as your account information and yours personal informations.

    Inside the profile, in the upper right part compare the icon of three bars or menu , it is necessary to click on it and a window will appear, where in the lower part, in the last part, the Configuration option appears on which you have clicked.

    Then a look for the Privacy option and when you enter it, in a new window where you will click on Stories, it will show you the three options of who can reply to your stories, you can choose all people, people you follow or none.

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    Immediately after choosing who can see your story, you will stop receiving messages and replies from strangers and unwanted content.

    Instagram stories

    Stories are a very useful feature when you want to share photos or videos but they are not saved in time, this feature allows you to view such photo only for 24 hours from the time of publication and thereafter it will be automatically deleted, in the same way there is a way to recover the image after it expires.

    Likewise, another feature is that we can know who saw our story and how many people did it, as well as the exact time they did it, this is important to know which of our friends might be seeing the our information or if there's someone we don't know who knows what's going on.

    One of the most recent features within Instagram stories are live broadcasts, in which anyone can share a video of what they are doing at that precise moment, moreover, their followers will be able to see and interact with this person at the same time through comments in a conversation.

    Direct messages

    I DM as it is known in this app with its acronym in English they are extremely useful and important to contact or talk to the people you follow or follow you, this function allows you to send and receive messages, audio and even emoticons and in the same way You have the possibility to delete certain messages or complete conversations if it is to your liking or need.

    Therefore, through this option, the stories are answered by the users who see them since under the uploaded image, the person who is viewing on their phone has a box to send a direct message.

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    Despite this, you can sometimes receive messages from unknown people and with objectionable content and even vulgar as Instagram has by default that everyone can see and reply to our stories and send private messages to our inbox.

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