How to remove or disable Safe Mode on an Android phone? - Quick and easy

Before knowing how to disable Safe Mode in Android, it is important that you know what Safe Mode in Android means, how it works and what it is for. Android Safe Mode is one security measure which has the operating system and its function is to press the device functions. With it, it is easily possible to restart an Android device in safe mode without a large margin of risk.

This method does not allow applications to run not boot on the phone. This measure is to solve the problems that may exist in the mobile, but sometimes it is possible to activate the safe mode without wanting it, that is why here we tell you how to deactivate the safe mode in Android.

    Disable Safe Mode on Android by restarting your mobile

    Generally, you can turn off Safe Mode in Android simply restarting the mobile . This is the first option tested in this case. Now, if your mobile has a recent version of Android, this allows you to restart the device via the notification bar, for this you just have to slide your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom and click on the option " Restart ".

    Enabling and disabling safe mode on android devices is not a game, you need to use any option when needed. In case your computer does not have this option in the taskbar, don't worry, you just have to hold down the power button of your mobile until a box appears with the options " Restart "," Switch off "or" Suspend "". Press " Restart "and wait for it to charge again.

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    Disable Safe Mode with Forced Restart

    Traditional restart may not work, in that case there are other ways to disable Safe Mode on Android. For this it is necessary to turn off the mobile, now you will restart it by holding down the at the same time volume e i keys of power on . When you notice that your mobile starts up, stop pressing and wait for it to boot normally.

    Uninstall apps to remove Safe Mode

    Now, it is also possible that none of the above methods work and in that case it is likely that your mobile is locked due to an application you just installed. To solve this problem, what you need to do is enter the " Application management "of your device, for this go to" Settings "of your mobile. Once in the application manager, what you should do is uninstall the recently installed applications.

    Once all recent applications are deleted, what you should do is restart your mobile and verify that it does not continue in safe mode.

    Disable Safe Mode on Android via Factory Data Reset

    In case with the previous options you have not been able to deactivate the safe mode of your mobile, the last option will be perform a factory data reset , which will return your mobile to its initial configuration, which means that any changes and information you have on your mobile will be deleted.

    For this, the first thing we recommend is to save all your important information via a backup or by transferring it to the microSD memory card. Now you will go to " Settings "of your phone and click on the" Backup and restore "and finally on" Restore defaults ". Start the reset and restart your Android. Once done, all you have to do is reconfigure your phone as you wish, and at this point you must have disabled your Android's Safe Mode.

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    Recommendations to avoid accidentally activating Safe Mode

    We have already shown you how to disable Safe Mode on Android. But it is necessary to know some tips to avoid having to do many maneuvers to remove it. The first thing you should know is that you should avoid downloading applications you do not know on your phone. This is because you can download one that locks your phone or steals information.

    On the other hand, in case this happens and you don't know how to fix it, the ideal is to turn to a technical service specialized in Android to help you disable Safe Mode. Especially if you need to factory reset your mobile.

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