How to remove or disable WhatsApp pop-up notifications?

Know how to disable pop-up notifications from WhatsApp it's useful when information bars become a problem. Because the messaging application offers more than 3 ways to notify when there is a new message. Another way to review your messages is through the Google Assistant.

One of them is the appearance of pop-up windows on the screen, which in many cases can be inconvenient or hinder the activity on the computer. For this reason, the App has adapted the function.

It is very important to admit that deactivation does not require external elements, it only consists of making some adjustments in the configuration panels. Here's how to do it Read on!

Another activity that WhatsApp performs automatically and which is also a little inconvenient is the automatic download of photos and videos that fill up the phone's memory with unwanted files. If this is a problem for you, you can also set the app to disable automatic downloads.

      Step-by-step guide to disable WhatsApp pop-up notifications

      A pop-up is understood as a notification that suddenly appears on the screen when a new message arrives. This feature can ignore any application or procedure , even during video playback.

      This works in parallel with whether the equipment is turned on or off. However, if you want to disable WhatsApp pop-up notifications, you will need to perform the following steps:

      • Access the WhatsApp application to access the menu, which would be the three dots located horizontally in the upper right part of the screen.
      • By pressing, a list of options will appear, the one that will need to be chosen is called "Settings". The user will immediately be redirected to a menu with all the operative sections of the App.
      • Next, locate the button "Notifications" in the list to select "Pop-up notifications" again. If you look closely, it's a repeating button, as muting is for individual conversations or for groups.

      • When you decide which will be disabled, you access that option in the correct panel. There will be a box with permission to disable or enable, once done press the button "Accept".

      Another way to keep your chats or notifications private is to put passwords in your conversations or chats.

      Is the procedure for disabling WhatsApp pop-up notifications the same for iOS?

      The answer is no, since these are different operating systems, the procedure for disabling WhatsApp pop-up notifications is completely different and is based on the following:

      • The first thing is to go into the phone settings as such and locate the option that says "Notifications". The button is located in the left area of ​​the screen.
      • Once inside, a list with all the Apps will appear, proceed to locate the one that says "WhatsApp", click. Immediately, another list will appear, scroll down and select the one that says " Ad styles ".
      • Finally, a new information window will appear in which the user will have to choose the one he says "Nobody". By doing this, WhatsApp pop-up notifications will have been disabled.

      Can you disable pop-up WhatsApp notifications on Android Marshmallow?

      Many users have asked this question, as this is a popular operating system among a certain target customer. Most of these devices have Android 6.0 Marshmallow .

      Like the other versions, WhatsApp allows you to disable WhatsApp pop-up notifications through a particular but simple procedure. This is characterized by the following:

      • Once the screen turns on, the user will have to go into the phone settings and locate the one that says "Notifications" in the list of options.

      • Then, scroll down until you select what it says "WhatsApp", access its advanced system. Upon entering, an option will be activated that says " Block everything".

      It is very important to know that by selecting this option, the deactivation of the emission of pop-up windows in WhatsApp will already take effect. If it continues to appear, it is important that the user repeat the process again, otherwise contact specialized assistance.

      If, on the other hand, you have the problem that WhatsApp notifications or messages do not appear or do not arrive , you can review all the steps mentioned and reverse them if you have accidentally activated them.

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