How to remove or remove scratches from the screen or glass of a mobile phone with Gorilla Glass

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- smartphone they have become a useful tool and a necessity in the life of every human being, from communication and entertainment to study or work tools. For this reason, humanity cares so much about getting the most up-to-date, presentable and keeping it in the most optimal condition possible, especially in its touch (some devices like the iPhone have the touch and screen assembled into one), taking care of from scratches and blows.

A large number of phones known as Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 , much of the Motorola Moto G series, Samsung Galaxy and high-end phones like OnePlus, have a glass known as Gorilla Glass which is beneficial for all phones. manufactured by Corning Inc. composed of a mixture of alkali-aluminosilicate, which makes it a very resistant material.

These are divided into different versions of Gorilla Glass, one better than the other. However, this does not make it immune to scratching; for this there are some methods to eliminate and prevent them.

These procedures can also be useful for all types of crystals in devices. But if you are unsure about doing this at home, you can find a trusted technician so he can perform the procedures or ask for advice. In case your phone screen doesn't work, we have to resort to other solutions since here we will only see how to remove scratches from the screen .

Device Precautions

Before performing any of these actions, it is recommended to secure the connection ports, turn off the phone and, if possible, remove the battery from the mobile phone; to avoid leaks, shorts and unwanted chemical reactions.

Methods to fix scratches on the mobile phone screen


The chemicals in this material have properties that help polish your teeth; It's a lot common to see it in home processes to remove scratches such as CDs . It is placed on the affected area, rubbed gently with a handkerchief, spread so that it is a slightly thick layer and left to rest for about five minutes, then with a clean and slightly damp handkerchief the cream is removed.

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Vehicle polishing wax:

Although a little expensive, it is very effective, as it does its job very well by helping to hide minor scratches on vehicles. In this case, yes recommends that you stretch all the way across the screen to get better uniformity , the same steps of the toothpaste are repeated, only in this case it is recommended that the amount of wax is adequate for the rayon.

Sodium bicarbonate:

Baking soda is usually useful for several situations, in this case, in a container, make two small cups of baking soda in a large cup or the equivalent in any container. Pour the water carefully until it looks like a thick cream and repeat the steps used in the toothpaste .

Transparent enamel:

Highly resistant and widely used in manicure to protect and make to last along i aesthetic nail treatments . In this case it is advisable to expand the entire touch with a brush, to add an additional layer of protection to the screen. It also works to fill in slightly deeper scratches.

If you want to remove it, simply smear a cotton ball or cloth with acetone polish and gently rub it with the screen until the polish dissolves.

Vegetable oils:

From sunflower oil to olive oil, no matter what it is, if the scratch is very simple, make a few drops and rub it with a clean handkerchief until the small scratches disappear.

Scratch prevention

Avoid at all costs carrying the phone in dirty purses or wallets, as some pieces of dirt can scratch the device, if you want you can purchase special covers that cover both the back and the screen ; or, failing that, small fabric bags.

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Phone cases they are effective for avoiding scratches , there are some that we can create at home. Silicone cases are the most practical to make for any phone.

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