How to remove or remove third-party application access permissions on my Gmail account

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Some web or Android applications require permissions from our Gmail accounts to access theirs platforms . It is a very useful option to quickly access the page with your Google credentials. But sometimes it is necessary remove third-party app permissions for your Gmail account.

How to remove or remove third-party application access permissions on my Gmail account

When we no longer use these third-party applications, they don't need to have access to our account. For safety , it is better to remove access permissions.

      How to remove access permissions to third-party apps

      Decommission settings by Google is very simple and you can do it from your PC or mobile device. Regularly reviewing these Google settings helps keep your account safe.

      • The first thing you need to do is log into your Google account. If the account is not open, log in with yours extracted data of access .

      • Click on the tab Safety , located at the top of the page.
      • Then select the Manage Third Party Access option. In this section you can see all applications and web pages that have ever accessed the account Google .

      Third party applications with account access. It's uses who have accessed some Google Account data.

      Log in with Google. They are the applications that use the Google account to log in. These types of applications can see your name and your email address .

      • By clicking and selecting any of the uses you can view the type of information that third-party applications have access to. The date from which the application has is also displayed accesso .
      • For applications and pages that access Google, they have the home page of the place you access as additional information.
      • In case you want to remove app permissions, click on the blue button Rimuovi access .

      It's important that you do this check regularly to see which apps and pages have access to your Google Account. Just leave the accounts reliable and you know you will use them.

      When you do not know an application that has access to your account, it is best to decommission it. Many of these apps use your account to send spam or post adult content using your name.

      These types of actions can generate sanctions to your Google account which may affect your image and you may even lose the account with all the information.

      Deauthorize third parties from Android

      • Access your phone settings and enter Google. Your account details are instantly displayed.
      • Select the option Account services and then Connected apps .
      • All applications that have access to the device will be displayed. From there you can see what the app has access to by selecting one of the apps.
      • If you want to revoke the permissions, you just have to press the Logout button .

      In case you get an error while logging in from your Android mobile, don't worry, this one has a solution.

      What kind of information do third-party applications have access to?

      They can have access to Google Drive where they can view and manage your files and folders . Access to Google contacts, access to Gmail and even access to almost the entire Google account, as is the case with Windows.

      If you associate a Gmail email with a Windows PC, it will have access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts. Will have access to the information of basis of your account to associate your identity with information in your Google Account. If you think your Gmail account is lost due to excessive access by third-party apps, you might want to unlink the account from your Android phone once and for all.

      But instead there are eCommerce applications like Wish which, when paired with your Gmail email, can access additional information such as your language preferences and age range. This information is useful for them as it determines what kind of products they can suggest for sale when you log in to the application.

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